Owners Dumped Their Dog At The Shelter Because They Were Having A Baby

Dogs. Our sweet and loyal companions. They’re always there for us, giving us affection and support whenever we need it. They never leave our side no matter what happens.

They deserve to receive the same love and unwavering support in return. Sadly, there are many owners who abandon their pooches and act like they never existed in their life.

Rocco, a gentle German Shepherd, lived through that awful experience that left him brokenhearted.

This is his story.

Trembling In The Kennel

sad german shepherd sitting in the shelter
Source: Facebook

Rocco was 3 years old when he was dumped at the Dallas Animal Services in Texas because his family was expecting a baby.

Having found himself in a kennel, he started trembling with fear. He was hunching over with a dejected expression on his face. The sudden change of environment made him nervous.

One of the visitors recorded a video of nervous Rocco inside his kennel and posted it online. She hoped that it would help him find his forever family.

Prithi Pillaipakkam, who fostered German Shepherds through DFW German Shepherd Rescue, saw it and she knew she had to do something.

Prithi was deeply saddened when she learned the reason why Rocco was abandoned.

“But, once I saw how underfed he was, it did not surprise me. It is probably a combination of change in family situation, plus not [being] the best owners in the first place,” she said.

a woman is holding a German shepherd on a leash
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He only weighed in at 60 pounds, and he should have weighed around 85 to 90 pounds. 

Aware that the shelter wasn’t the right place for a dog like Rocco, Prithi decided to foster him and help him recover from the shock.

She knew that he would need some time to relax. He was so stressed and timid that he even hid under the car seat on their way home.

New Home

During his first day in his new home, Rocco couldn’t shake off his fear and nervousness. Prithi noticed how confused he was as he walked around the house.

Prithi, her family, and the family dog, Katja, did their best to make Rocco feel comfortable. Finally, they succeeded in winning him over. Rocco took an interest in his home and he started exploring it.

“He was a bit aloof in the beginning, but now he follows me around like a shadow.”

He started to open up and let his family know his true self. He loved squeaky toys, tennis balls, and doggy beds.

two cute dogs are sitting on the floor and looking at the camera
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Prithi emphasized that large breeds like the German Shepherd were surrendered to shelters more often, and she hoped Rocco’s story would encourage more people to adopt big dogs.

Although Prithi’s initial plan was to foster Rocco for some time, she decided to adopt him permanently in September 2018. They love him like crazy and they would never abandon him.

Happy Rocco

Rocco is having the time of his life. Katja is his adventure buddy, and they often share their adventures with 9K+ followers on Rocco’s Instagram account. 

They get along wonderfully and love each other deeply. Along with their loving family, Rocco and Katja often visit different U.S. states to enjoy different scenery.

two dogs sit on a leash in nature
Source: Instagram

We relish seeing both Rocco and Katja very happy and smiling with their wonderful family, and we’re excited to see where their next adventure will take them.

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