Paul Meyer Obituary – Death; Esteemed Executive Director of Morris Arboretum

Paul Meyer Obituary

The world of botany and public gardens is in collective mourning following the sudden loss of one of its most luminary figures, Paul Meyer. Known for his unparalleled contributions to horticulture and the stewardship of public gardens, Paul’s unexpected passing on Thursday, October 12, 2023, has left an irreplaceable void in the hearts of many who admired him.

Paul Meyer wasn’t merely a significant name in the horticulture sphere; he was a dynamic individual deeply committed to the advancement of botanical research and natural conservation. His journey began at Ohio State University where, initially an engineering major, he took a summer job at the campus arboretum and gardens. This experience would prove to be transformative, kindling a passion for horticulture that led him to shift his academic focus.

Remembering a Botanical Giant: Paul Meyer, Executive Director of Morris Arboretum, Dies Unexpectedly
Remembering a Botanical Giant: Paul Meyer, Executive Director of Morris Arboretum, Dies Unexpectedly

Fuelled by this newfound passion, Paul ventured across the Atlantic to further his studies at the prestigious University of Edinburgh. He continued to expand his horizons with an internship at England’s renowned Sir Harold Hillier Arboretum and Gardens. His academic odyssey culminated at the University of Delaware’s Longwood Gardens Graduate Program in Public Garden Management, a program uniquely tailored for aspiring leaders in the field.

Paul was more than an accomplished academic; he was a man of action. His hands-on approach and boundless enthusiasm for plant science made him an inspirational figure to students, colleagues, and anyone fortunate enough to cross his path. He brought to life the gardens he touched, much like a painter to a canvas, and his legacy will bloom in arboretums and botanical centers for generations to come.

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As we navigate through this challenging period, expressions of condolences and prayers for Paul’s family and friends are not only welcomed but also deeply appreciated. These gestures offer a glimmer of comfort in a time filled with sorrow, serving as poignant reminders of the extensive impact Paul had on those around him. May we continue to honor Paul Meyer by keeping his green legacy alive, cherishing the natural world he so loved. Rest in peace, Paul. Your impact will never be forgotten.

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