Pennsylvania Pittie Saved From The Streets Is Now The Sweetest Lovebug

All dogs want is to love and be loved in return. Stray dogs need that love even more, but still they live without it.

Russ was one of those dogs. He had so much love to give, but he had nobody to give it to. All that changed when he met his mom, Kayla.

Let’s see how their wonderful story unfolds.

Meeting Russ 

a brown pittie in a cage is sitting and looking at the camera
Source: YouTube

Russ was picked up on the streets and brought to ACCT Philly, a shelter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Russ was in poor condition. He had an eye infection and itchy skin. He also didn’t have any fur on his tail and ears. 

Shortly after he arrived, he met Kayla Filoon, a college student who was a volunteer at the shelter.

When Kayla looked into his eyes for the first time, she noticed how calm he looked. He kept staring at her, and she thought it was adorable.

Later, she came back to his kennel to see how he was doing. It was as if he didn’t move at all. He was sitting in the same position. He stood out because he looked so calm among the other shelter dogs who were barking.

He didn’t even react to their barking. Kayla took him to the yard and played with him. He gently took treats that she gave him and he was cuddling with her the whole time. 

Within five minutes, she fell in love with him. She couldn’t help wondering how this sweet dog ended up on the streets. 

When it was time to go home, it was difficult for Kayla to leave Russ in his kennel.  

By the time she came home that day, she made a decision. She was going to adopt Russ. Her mom thought that she was joking because Kayla loved all the dogs she walked.

“So she really didn’t believe me, but there was something about Russ.“

Kayla knew she didn’t have any time to waste. The shelter was overcrowded and there was a possibility that Russ would be one of the fifteen dogs who would be put down.

He had kennel cough, and sicker dogs have a higher risk of being euthanized.

His Forever Home

a dog wrapped in a blanket after being rescued
Source: Russ – The Tale of an ACCT Philly Rescue Dog

The next day, Kayla came to the shelter as fast as she could. 

She took Russ for a car ride and bought him some snacks. While he was sitting in her lap and eating them, the song “A Sky Full Of Stars” played on the radio. The lyrics moved her and she started crying. She knew that it was meant to be.

They returned to the shelter and she filled out the adoption application. That day, she adopted Russ and took him to his forever home. 

Kayla’s family adored Russ. After he adapted to the new environment, Russ loved his new life. He fell in love with his mom, and he proved to her every day how much he loved her.

Kayla’s friend took a photo of her and Russ while Kayla was doing her homework. The photo has gone viral, melting the hearts of millions. 

the dog sleeps next to the woman who saved him
Source: Jamie Holt 

“He always has to be close to me. One night I’m sitting there on the chair, doing my homework, and he’s trying to find ways to cuddle with me. There was a whole other sofa open, and we had his bed on the floor, but he didn’t want to lie anywhere else.”

Russ takes every opportunity to cuddle with his mom. She thought that perhaps he would change and become less affectionate, but he didn’t. 

“He’s such a love bug, honestly. He’s probably one of the most grateful dogs I’ve ever met”

Enjoying Life 

the dog kisses the girl on the face
Source: Russ – The Tale of an ACCT Philly Rescue 

Russ sometimes posts updates about his life with his loving family on his Facebook page. He still loves snuggling with his mom and other family members. He shares a home with his two furry friends and he showers them with affection.

We are overjoyed to see Russ living the life of his dreams and receiving all the love he craved.

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