Pennsylvania Shelter Helps Grumpy Dog Transform Into The Sweetest Lovebug

When Speranza Animal Rescue, a local animal rescue based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, received a call notifying them of a very unhappy bulldog heading their way, they weren’t really sure what that meant.

However, over time, they learned that this grumpy little pup just needed some love.

A Grumpy Guy

portrait of a grumpy dog
Source: Speranza Animal Rescue

When the pup, named Frank, arrived, the Mechanicsburg rescue staff only needed to glance at him once to realize that they had a bit of a challenge on their hands.

Unfortunately, Frank’s facial expression mirrored his character.

He tended to be quite aggressive and very unpredictable. But, this did not discourage the staff members at all since they were quite determined to show this grumpy pup just how good life can get.

“He was found as a stray and he was less than friendly. His permanent RBF was accompanied by low growls and snarls … This little gremlin is short in stature but has an attitude for days. But we are so in love already,” stated the staff.

portrait of a dog with a blue leash sitting on the grass
Source: Speranza Animal Rescue

Even though they were a bit skeptical at times, the rescue staff couldn’t help but feel empathetic and hopeful for the pup.

“Some of the volunteers thought, ‘Oh no, another big attitude,’ when they heard about Frank coming. [But then they] fell head over heels,” stated Janine Guido, rescue representative.

Training Camp

As soon as Frank arrived, the staff began his training.

By using positive affirmation, they started teaching him manners that every good doggo must know.

These manners included properly walking with a leash, and asking for things without being aggressive.

With time, Frank started realizing that he was surrounded by people who wanted what was best for him. So, naturally, he began trusting them, turning his frown completely upside down.

The entire shelter team couldn’t have been happier!

a smiling woman holds a dog on a leash
Source: Speranza Animal Rescue

Frankfort is making good progress within the rescue and with the volunteers! He doesn’t greet people with growls anymore, which is a win for all of us.

With his change of attitude, Frank scored himself a foster home where he continued to feel loved and appreciated. 

After spending just a short period of time at his foster home, Frank managed to find himself a forever home!

Figuring out what being a good boy is all about, this puppy is now only concerned with his new, favorite activities, which include going on long walks with his new family and playing with his toys.

father and son with a smiling dog take a picture
Source: Speranza Animal Rescue

Final Word

It is incredible to see an instance where people stop judging a pup based on his appearance and manage to see him or her for what they truly are.

The love, patience, and determination of this incredible team welcomed a once grumpy and aggressive pup, transforming him into a happy boy by showing him attention and adoration.

Love truly can change a person, or a dog, in this case!

a dog with a green leash is standing on the parquet
Source: Speranza Animal Rescue

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