Pitbull Reveals Why He Is On The “Nice List” In The Most Magical Christmas Video

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to welcome it than to celebrate all the good deeds of those who were the nicest throughout the year? 

And, that popular “nice list” is not reserved just for good people, but also for our best furry friends who truly deserve to be on it. 

This year, there was no doubt that one nice Pittie from Nevada would find his name engraved on Santa’s special paper. And, he even made an effort to share with all of us the many reasons why he had this honor.

He Truly Was A Good Boy

Pitbull sitting in a house
Source: Knight & Aston

In a minute-long video that was posted on November 30, 2023, TikTok user @knight_thepit, from Nevada, summarized all the sweet traits that brought his pup to Santa’s special list. 

This magical Christmas video starts with the sentence, “Reasons why Knighty will be on the nice this year,” with the Pit Bull named Knight in the background as well as the familiar melody of our all-time favorite movie, “Home Alone”.

The first reason for this doggo’s special place is the fact that he clipped his nails without a moan. Although any dog ​​would rather get caught in his nails while walking than have to endure this inconvenience for a few minutes, Knight proved what a good boy he is.

dog in a Christmas clothes
Source: Knight & Aston

Next one: “He is always nice to strangers.” In the video, Knight is wearing a Santa costume and getting pets and love from someone he has just met, and he even lets others take photos of him. This Pit Bull is a true stereotype breaker. 

But, the most important one is the unconditional little brother’s love for his older sister.

Christmas dogs
Source: Knight & Aston

“He makes sure to give her kisses every morning, lets her win tug of war, and “is there for her when she’s sick.” He also “doesn’t mind when she hogs all the food,” the video clearly shows. 

@knight_thepit The goodest boi ❤️ #fyp #goodboi #nicelist #cuteness #pitbull IB @Ladyandtheblues ♬ Home Alone – Somewhere In My Memory – Theme – Geek Music

People Were Delighted

comments about pitbulls
Source: Knight & Aston

Within just a few days of being posted on TikTok, this video received several million views. And, the people were more than delighted. 

One user wrote: “pitbulls are the best. mine was the sweetest”.

“I think we found the goodest boy in the whole world,” another one added. 

And, the third one said: “All I want for Christmas is for people to realize how sweet + magical pitbulls are.”

Indeed, this nice Pit Bull truly showed the whole world that they are, despite their gruff exterior, actually gentle giants with big hearts. 

These Cuties Deserve Much More Love

Dog sitting next to Christmas tree
Source: Knight & Aston

Although this cute Christmas video shows the true nature of Pit Bulls, people’s established opinion of them is still far from ideal.

According to Medium, there are numerous stereotypes related to this dog breed. There are many reasons for that, including their history of the dogs that have been used in fighting rings to their attacks on children that were mostly the consequence of irresponsible owners. 

However, the reality is totally different. 

“In fact, they have been ranked as the 4th most gentle breed by the American Temperament Test Society,” the site DogTime explains. “Pit bulls are often the target of breed discrimination. They are banned in some cities and towns, and they are often denied insurance coverage. This is unfortunate, as Pit Bulls are loving and loyal dogs that make great family pets.”

Knight’s owner is one of the biggest ambassadors for Pit Bulls, posting various content on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube that prove how wrong the perception of this beautiful breed is.

Just one of his YouTube videos shows “Things People Say About Pit Bulls That Just Aren’t True”, and it is definitely worth watching. 

In the end, we hope that you liked this sweet Christmas story and that one of the reasons why you will find yourself on the “nice list” next Christmas will be a greater dose of love for this beautiful dog breed because they definitely deserve it.

And, of course, we wish you a merry and pawsome Christmas.

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