Pittie Recovering From Trauma Doesn’t Want To Sleep Without His Special Gift

There are many things that can upset a helpless dog when he is very young. These events can build up over his lifetime and cause terrible trauma that is hard to recover from.

It’s because of this that a lot of dogs brought into animal shelters are very depressed and unable to function properly.

Many of them have likely suffered abuse or were abandoned, and never managed to deal with it properly.

In this story, we will talk about a shelter dog who was very sad and didn’t want to sleep until his caretaker brought him something amazing.

A Very Frightened Dog

brown pit bull in the hall
Source: ZooZen Shorts

When Prince, the Pitbull, was first brought into The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, in New York, he was hardly responsive and was so afraid of everything.

He wasn’t too used to being around people he did not know, as he spent most of his life with his owner.

However, when he could no longer care for Prince, he gave him to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, this was only temporary, and it meant bad news for him.

On one uneventful day, he slipped from his leash when he was taking a walk with her and he never came back.

dog laying in the bed with blanket on
Source: ZooZen Shorts

The animal rescuers picked him up and they did everything that was necessary to return the dog to its rightful owner.

Upon finding out the information and whereabouts of the woman who was taking care of him, they gave her a call and told her about him.

She said she would come to pick him up from the New York shelter, but unfortunately, that never happened.

So, now he was forced to spend his time in the shelter until someone could find a new home for him.

A Slow And Difficult Recovery

old pit bull
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This was really hard for Prince, as he just didn’t like being around all the new people.

They tried really hard to warm up to him, but all their efforts seemed futile for a while, as he would just spook easily upon seeing the shelter workers.

Soon, however, one of his caretakers had the idea of bringing him a nice blanket and curling him up before bedtime in hopes that he would relax and fall asleep.

Little did they expect that this would actually work. Prince fell asleep almost immediately, and was really enjoying this new routine.

Other workers found out about this and they also decided to participate in this dog’s sweet bedtime routine.

guy and old pit bull
Source: ZooZen Shorts

Ever since that wonderful day, he has been perking up a bit and is becoming more outgoing around all of the staff.

He now always waits for someone to come and tuck him in before bedtime, and everyone is happy to do it.

Thanks to the wonderful idea, Prince is recovering from his trauma and is a lot happier. 

While we have little information on who adopted him, we are sure he is happy in his new home and is still enjoying his daily bedtime routines with the new owner.

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