Pittsburgh Family Dog Eats $4,000 In Cash, Taking ‘Money Laundering’ To A Whole New Level 

Meet Cecil – the seven-year-old Goldendoodle sensation from Pittsburgh who became an instant global star.

Ever wondered what it takes to become famous overnight? Just ask Cecil; he’s got all the secrets. 

Cecil has been a good boy his entire life, never really causing any trouble – until he pulled off the stunt of devouring $4,000 in cash!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Here’s how it all went down.

Cecil Is A Good Boy

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According to Cecil’s owners – Clayton and Carrie Law – Cecil has always been a well-behaved and trouble-free dog, bringing joy to their lives ever since he was a small puppy. 

Yet, it turns out that Cecil has quite the expensive taste, much to the surprise of his family who have only recently become aware of this.  

Clayton Law and his wife, Carrie, decided to install a new fence at their home in Pittsburgh. To cover the costs of the project and pay the hardworking crew, they withdrew $4,000 from their bank.

Not thinking much about it, the family left a sealed envelope full of the money on their kitchen counter for a brief moment. 

However, Cecil got to it first before they got the chance to stash it away.

About half an hour later, when Clayton entered the room, he was utterly shocked. The kitchen was a mess, with tiny shreds of money scattered all over the floor. 

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Stunned and nearly speechless, Clayton managed to shout to his wife that Cecil had eaten the money.   

“I ran in, thinking I had to have heard him wrong, but when I saw the mess, there was no doubt,” Carrie told The Washington Post. “I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Cecil had really done it.”

The funny thing is that Cecil had never been food motivated, but apparently he is money hungry. 

The couple’s immediate response was to contact their vet, making sure Cecil’s well-being was assured following the unexpected cash feast.

Fortunately, given Cecil’s size, the vet assured them that he was going to be fine as long as he was acting normally – eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom as usual. 

‘Money Laundering’ At Its Finest 

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With Cecil’s well-being out of the way, the couple had to figure out how to salvage the money. 

They called the bank and the manager informed them that if they could reconstruct the bills with more than 50% of the pieces and provide the full serial number on both sides, the bank would facilitate the replacement. 

There was only one way to get the money pieces back, and no – it wasn’t at all pleasant. 

For the next couple of days, the couple had to sift through Cecil’s vomit and ‘number 2’ in order to recover as many pieces of the money as possible.

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“I never thought I’d be able to say I’ve laundered money, but there is apparently a first time for everything,” Carrie said. 

Despite being traumatized for life, Carrie and Clayton managed to find humor in the whole situation, at least.

To their surprise, the bank manager revealed that such incidents surprisingly occur quite often. Money passes through numerous places and changes hands, acquiring various scents that apparently many dogs find appealing.

After meticulously washing the money pieces and skillfully piecing them together, the couple miraculously managed to recover almost $3,500.

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“We’ve kept at least one of the torn-up bills so we can do a piece of artwork and frame it to commemorate the entire situation. Not that we’d ever forget,” Carrie added. 

Despite all the trauma, the family still firmly believes that Cecil is an exceptional and beloved dog.

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“You can’t really blame an animal for what they do. Like they’re an animal. They’re not doing it to be malicious or anything. So, we’ve really been laughing about it pretty much since that day,” Carrie told Good Morning America. 

Carrie took to Instagram, posting a video detailing the entire story, along with pictures capturing the entire process. The post quickly went viral, turning Cecil into one remarkably famous dog.

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