Police Officer Shocked To Find The Cutest Burglar Breaking Into Shelter Office

It is no secret that Huskies are kings of entertainment, and King, here, lives up to that reputation!

Not only does this hilarious Husky love to have fun, but he’s one true escape artist. One night, he shocked the staff of an Arizona shelter when he tripped the alarm after he got out of his kennel.

Instead of getting out of the shelter, King had another brilliant idea on his mind. Here’s what happened…

The Unexpected Intruder

dog in office
Source: Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

Jodi Polanski, of Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe, Arizona, was shocked when the burglary alarm awoke her in the middle of the night. Cameras detected motion in her office, but at the time, she had no idea that all of that was an act of one shelter Husky.

Then, right after she saw the footage, she realized that the intruder was King, who decided to throw himself a little party when no one was watching!

First, he tried to let some of the other dogs out. He stood by their kennels for a while, but once he realized that it could not be done, he continued his “shelter adventure” alone!

dog trying to open the door
Source: Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

Instead of getting out, King chose another path and entered the shelter’s office.

Turns out, he chose the office before freedom because he knew that was where the staff kept the snacks! He opened the door like a pro, pulled down the food, and treated himself with a little midnight snack.

During his party, he accidentally dropped some of the snacks and made a huge mess on the floor. 

dog in shelter office
Source: Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

What King didn’t know was that his little burglary had already alerted the police department

“The Tempe Police Department is called to the scene for what can only be described as the cutest arrest ever,” the LOHPR team wrote on Facebook.

A police officer who has 24/7 access to the shelter (in case there was an animal that needed to be dropped off) caught King red-pawed a few minutes later!

A Noble Act

dog jumping on police officer
Source: Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

Instead of being all nervous and timid, King started wagging his tail and wiggling his body when he saw the officer. It turns out that he didn’t mind being arrested at all. All he wanted was someone to hang out with – and the officer came in right on time!

Once he was in the shelter, the officer made sure to get King back to his kennel. 

Then, he did the most amazing thing ever. He actually cleaned up the mess this Husky made, making sure to get everything back the way it was.

police officer tyding up the office
Source: Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

“This dog had some amazing skills! And one of the coolest police officers ever who went above and beyond the call of duty to clean up the mess the dog made,” the rescue wrote.

Polanski was grateful that he managed to handle the whole situation so well, and that he even went above and beyond.

According to the shelter, King was already adopted into a loving family, and he doesn’t need to escape kennels anymore. He now has an entire home and plenty of space to run free!

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