Puppy Fighting For Her Life In The Street Transforms Into A Loving Dog

Everything was hard for her from the moment she was born.

Constant anxiety, the feeling of not being wanted, the unawareness of what tomorrow would bring…

Never having a roof over her head…

Never having someone by her side to comfort her at night…

Never being able to fill up that belly…

Suki has been treated like trash ever since her earliest days. Dumped on the street without a soul to pay attention to her, Suki was left to tackle the big and scary life on her own.

But, how can a tiny puppy make it in this nasty world?

How can this little pooch find a bite to eat without risking her own life? 

Suki was facing her end. It was approaching fast to her, like a car… exactly like the one that was coming her way.

That’s when she saw everything.

That’s when Suki saw that the car wasn’t going to hit her. It stopped and two angels stepped out, talking to her in the kindest voice possible. 

Paralyzed with shock that something good might finally happen to her, Suki gave in and allowed herself to be carried into her new beginning. 

A Holiday That Turned Into A Rescue Mission

man holding the puppy in his hand
Source: The Dodo

Brady Oliveira and Alex Blumberg are a couple of animal lovers that have become famous recently for their activism. The widely-known animal portal, The Dodo, has featured this duo on numerous occasions. 

A while ago, as a collaboration with The Dodo, Brady and Alex started their own series, called Running Back To The Rescue. 

The show is a wonderful refreshment since it shows rescue missions all while Brady and Alex are traveling, enjoying their vacations across the globe.

On one of their trips in the far east, Brady and Alex stumbled upon the tiniest puppy lying hopelessly in the street.

Brady immediately picked the little one up and noticed she was fighting for her own life, exhausted beyond every point. The pup was covered in ticks and fleas, severely malnourished, dehydrated, and barely keeping her eyes open.

The energy was escaping the little creature they named Suki, right after the village they found her in.

Brady asked around and found out that Suki was just dumped there on the street, like a piece of trash.

No one wanted her.

No one cared enough to give her a chance to survive.

No one but Alex and Brady.

The couple rushed Suki to the vet. Every minute was important. 

man and woman looking at the tiny dog lying down
Source: The Dodo

Poor Suki weighed only about 2.5 pounds… barely bigger than Brady’s hand. That’s way too little for a pup that was estimated to be approximately 2 months old. She was in severe need of water, food, love, and lots of care. 

After some treatment at the vet, Suki was a brand-new pup. The next day, Brady and Alex took her in and made her feel at home in their accommodation. 

It turned out that Suki’s energy was restored very quickly. She was ecstatic with happiness to be around loving people. 

As Brady said, she was one crazy dog. 

And, she was crazy about her toys, too… showing everyone that despite her rough beginning, she’s still a puppy born to cuddle and play.

Since there was no way to tire her out, Brady and Alex got Suki two furry siblings – foster pups named Zoey and Bodhi.

dogs playing with dog toys
Source: The Dodo

She immediately started showing them her toys and teaching them to play. Suki started teaching them how to be puppies! 

Unfortunately, her foster siblings got their furever homes before Suki did. She was, once again, alone. Something had to be done fast. Suki needed a big, loving home asap! 

Thanks to Brady’s and Alex’s determination, a permanent home for Suki was found rather quickly. Suki finally got her huge family that showered her with love.

And, she showered them with kisses in return. 

close-up photo of the tiny dog with boy and girl
Source: The Dodo

Once a rejected pup that was treated like trash now has so many humans that love and care for her. 

Ending up on the street was the worst, and best thing that ever happened to this sweet girl. 

You can follow Brady and Alex on Instagram to check out their latest adventures. This incredible couple has helped save more than 200 animals in need, and they’re not stopping there.

Show them your support and pray for more people like Brady and Alex.

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