Puppy Who Was Living On A Pile Of Trash Becomes Almost Unrecognizable After Being Rescued

When Chris, from Paw Squadron Rescue, got a call about a puppy who was crying for help, he immediately got in his car and was on the way.

When he and his partner arrived at the scene, they weren’t able to find the dog anywhere. Right as they were about to leave, they saw him hiding in a pile of trash.

Rescue Mission

dog surrounded by the trash
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At first, the puppy was so scared that he couldn’t stop shaking. He was also in a very bad state, being completely covered in dirt, malnourished, and dehydrated.

Chris came right in time. If the puppy had been out there for another week, it was most likely that he wouldn’t have made it.

Approaching the puppy slowly, Chris offered him some treats in the palm of his hand, hoping to gain his trust.

Luckily, the dog was very responsive, and also very hungry, so he started eating right away.

little puppy outdoor
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After he was done eating, Chris carefully picked him up and carried him to his car. He made the puppy as comfortable as he could, and offered him some water.

Even though the dog continued to shake, after some time, he was simply too tired, and he couldn’t help but fall asleep.  

Chris was very happy that the dog trusted him so much that he lowered his guard and fell asleep in his lap. He knew that the dog felt safe and that he meant no harm to him.

At His New Home

As soon as they got home, Chris gave the dog a well-needed bath. Since he was very dirty, the bath took a long time, but luckily, the puppy did not mind the nice warm water at all.

puppy getting a bath
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Being all nice and clean, he was much more comfortable now to play and snoop around his new home.

Finally understanding what great hands he was in, the puppy was super happy. He even wagged his tail a lot!

The very next day, Chris took him to the vet for a thorough checkup.

At The Vet

nice little puppy
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Being super curious as to what was going on around him, the brave little pupper wasn’t afraid of the vet at all.

After his checkup, the vet said that there was nothing to worry about. Even though he had some minor issues, being only a pup, they would go away all on their own as he gets older.

And, that is exactly what happened.

After only a few weeks, he looked like a brand-new dog.

puppy being cuddled
Source: YouTube

Now named Thunder, the dog did not display any sign of injury. He was happily running around and wagging his tail, enjoying his new life. 

Being so curious and lovable, it only took a month for Thunder to find himself a forever home.

As soon as he and his new owner laid eyes on each other, they knew it was meant to be. 

Final Word

Thunder is now a part of a very loving and warm home, and I wish him the best of luck and a life filled with nothing but love and adoration!

I am also extremely grateful to Chris, and anybody like him, for dedicating his life to saving animals in need. Thank you, Chris!

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