Puppy Who Was Reunited With His Rescuer Had To Sweetest Reaction Ever

One thing’s for sure – dogs do not forget the faces of those who showed kindness to them! 

Here we have Rocky – exhibit A!

Once an abandoned Aussie Border Collie mix, Rocky was pretty much a lost cause until a man with a giant heart decided to help him. 

Despite all the fear he felt at the time, Rocky didn’t forget the man who was there for him when he needed help the most, and their reunion is proof that their bond is truly unbreakable!

Abandoned On A Remote Construction Site

dog named rocky
Source: Dogwood Animal Rescue Project

In the summer of 2022, Rocky was nothing but a scared, stray dog wandering a local construction site. At the time, he was just too afraid to let anyone near him – even the kind-hearted man who had been feeding him for a week or so.

The man, named Barth, who works at the construction site, wanted to help Rocky from the moment he saw him, but the dog was just unapproachable. 

The Man, The Dog, And The Most Selfless Rescue Ever

man sitting next to dog rocky and petting him
Source: Dogwood Animal Rescue Project

Despite Rocky’s fear, Barth couldn’t leave this poor doggo to fend for himself. One day, he sat in the car and drove for hours, all the way to Dogwood Animal Rescue Project, in Sonoma County, California, to pick up a trap that would help him catch Rocky safely.

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“He’s been feeding Rocky, as he named him, but wasn’t quite able to get ahold of him. He drove hours to pick up a trap from us early this morning, was taught how to use it, drove to the site, caught Rocky in the trap then drove back to us,” DARP wrote on their Facebook.

Shirley Zindler, the founder of the rescue, was amazed by this act, and she was more than happy to help.

When Barth returned to the spot, he managed to lure Rocky into the trap, put him in his car, and then again, drive back to DARP just to get Rocky off the street.

two dogs sleeping in dog beds on the deck
Source: Dogwood Animal Rescue Project

At first, Rocky was deeply undersocialized and quite timid, but the staff made sure he got all the comfort he needed. Soon enough, Rocky was surrounded with a bunch of shelter buddies in a new foster home, with whom he bonded right off the bat!

Day after day, he slowly came out of his shell and started interacting with people, too. It seems that all he needed this entire time was the gentle touch of a hooman – the one that made him feel safe, not hurt! 

“He loves other dogs and now seeks attention from people every chance he gets. He’s even seeking attention from strangers after a few minutes,” the DARP team says.

“He’s been blossoming in our care and is a delightful affectionate boy. Rocky will make an amazing companion in a patient home willing to continue our good work,” they continued.

And, just when it seemed that things could not get any better for Rocky – the most adorable thing happened!

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Rocky Remembered His Hero

Barth couldn’t help but visit his rescue buddy – and after only a few short seconds, an amazing thing happened! Unlike their first encounter, this reunion turned out to be something completely different!

Rocky literally transformed into the biggest lovebug around Barth and immediately started giving him the sweetest kisses! He remembered his angel rescuer who drove him all the way to his Californian rescue and decided to give him the warmest welcome ever!

Barth couldn’t believe his eyes, as Rocky’s transformation was amazing! The two spent some more time cuddling together, proving that their bond is truly unbreakable, and that they will probably remain friends for life!

Off To A Furever Family

photo of dog rocky with a man and a woman
Source: Dogwood Animal Rescue Project

In August 2022, another miracle happened! The pawfect family showed up and took Rocky to his furever home. 

“From unwanted and alone to beloved family member. It’s the Dogwood way,” the DARP team wrote under the photo.

Rocky (now Finn) bonded with a beautiful couple who became his family, and they finally taught him what a real home feels like.

This August, it was Rocky’s first adoptaversary with his new pawrents. In that honor, DARP shared an update on him:

“He lounges around the house on the softest surfaces all day long… and lives for his walks and runs everyday! He loves running around in the sand at the beach and is learning lots of tricks at agility training with his Dad.”

We wish him and his family a lifetime of great memories!

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