Rescued Beagle Exploded With Happiness When He Stepped Onto The Grass For The First Time

Although the awareness of the lives of dogs and other animals is rising yearly, some people and even organizations still consider them just a tool.

This is best demonstrated by the case of Beagles, which the Virginia Breeding Facility intended to sell to laboratories where various experiments would be performed on them.

Luckily, a lifetime of pain, suffering, and isolation of these dogs was stopped because this breeding facility was cited for Animal Welfare Act violations. 

The most significant role was played by the American Humane Society, which made sure to save as many as 4,000 Beagles.

4000 stories have been told, and we are going to share the one that will show those profit-seeking people that dogs are also creatures with feelings, and deep ones at that.

A New Chance For The Poor Beagle

dog standing on the couch
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The news of a large number of Beagles being rescued from a facility that wanted to subject them to a lifetime of torture just for profit quickly spread across the U.S.

So many good people applied to take care of the dogs, and some even agreed to adopt them right away.

One of those people was Karen Shrader who, along with her family, volunteered to open her home in Lexington to a Beagle named Sami, taking her in as a foster dog. 

Karen didn’t know how Sami would react, but on the first day, she could clearly see how much this dog hadn’t really learned about love and kindness. She was extremely shy, and she obviously couldn’t understand that there was a world that wasn’t a scary place.

That was until Karen decided to introduce her to the beautiful, grassy back yard behind the house. Sami could not hide her delight, and that was definitely the turning point for her. 

Blossomed From A Sad, Shy Dog Into A Happy, Playful Pup

two dogs playing outside
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Considering what the beginning of her new life looked like, Karen could not even have guessed that after only three days, this dog would be able to realize what true happiness is.

And, for that, she only needed a piece of grass in the yard, but one that represented her new freedom and a happier life.

After touching the grass, Sami blossomed like the most beautiful flower in the garden. She became happy, playful, and full of life. She even found a friend – a dog named Kiwi, whom she allowed to teach her how to become a real dog.

And, besides her new human family and dog friend, Sami got a little sister – a dog named Kinsey. It was a full package of love and happiness, which was necessary on her road to full recovery. 

two dogs laying down on the couch
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For Shrader, it has been a true pleasure to watch her foster dog flourish. 

“It warms my heart to know she has gone from a place where she could not be a dog and now enjoy the freedom to run, play, and feel the loving touch of a human!” Shrader said in an interview for The Dodo. “She has received love from my family and she gives us so much joy!”

Happy Ending For The Whole Family

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The whole Lexington family fell in love with her, as well as her new dad, Mr. Shrader. It was the last straw, and soon, Karen and her husband had to make a big decision.

And… they quickly agreed. They didn’t want Karen to be their foster dog anymore! Instead, Karen became a full member of the family. 

It was a dream come true for a dog that, not so long ago, was on the verge of a painful life in research laboratories, yet ended up as a beloved member of a new family – the one that brought so much joy and happiness to her new parents. 

This story is a lesson for all those who see these furry animals as a means of profit and are unable to understand that they may feel love, as well as pain, deeper than themselves

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