Rescuers Found Two Starving Puppies Living Next To Garbage And Decided To Help Them

One thing that is truly heartbreaking for any animal rescuer is when they try to save a dog, but find out that it was too late.

It can break anyone’s heart to pieces in seconds, as they just wish they could have been there sooner, hoping it might have mattered somehow.

And, who knows, really? Maybe it would have or it would not have. In the end, these tragic events should not happen in the first place. More needs to be done to prevent this.

In this story, we will talk about two struggling puppies who were abandoned on a mountain in the middle of nowhere next to a garbage dump.

Puppies Living In Garbage

two starving dogs next to the garbage
Source: Animal Rescue

Just as soon as rescuers received a call about two abandoned puppies living in the mountains, they hurried to help.

When they got there, they found the puppies right next to a large garbage dump. It was just a heartbreaking sight.

I just can’t even imagine who could be so heartless as to just leave them there where they have no chance of surviving.

Upon seeing the dogs, the rescuers realized that they were barely responsive. They didn’t even care that somebody had come to help them.

a black dog in the veterinarian's arms is crying
Source: Animal Rescue

They grabbed them and took them back to the car where they turned the heater on to help them regain their body temperature, as the place they were staying in was freezing.

After taking them to the vet, they checked on one of the puppies who was completely unresponsive, and they breathed a sigh of relief when they realized that she was still breathing.

The other puppy was visibly shaken and depressed, as he was just looking at the vets with a very sad look.

A Really Difficult Recovery 

sleeping dogs at the vet
Source: Animal Rescue

After a while, the vets realized that one of the dogs could not be saved, and they had to let her go so she would not suffer anymore.

Her lungs were full of blood, likely from being hit by someone. It was just the most heartbreaking thing having to do that to them, but there were no other options.

They were not going to let the same happen to the other dog, now named Lily. Upon doing a checkup, they realized that she was suffering from parvovirus.

This had to be treated delicately, so they made sure to watch her every step of the way to see that she recovers.

During her treatment, she didn’t want to eat at all, as it was still causing her digestion problems. 

a man petting a black dog
Source: Animal Rescue

They kept her on IV through the whole recovery process to make sure she had all the necessary nutrients.

After about 7 days of treatment, she had an appetite. Lily ate quite a lot of food and her digestion was also not a problem anymore.

After a little over a month, Lily was almost a completely changed dog. Her tail started wagging all the time, she likes to play more and more, and she is eating like a big dog.

The veterinarians will vaccinate her soon, but after her complete recovery, she will be ready for adoption.

I truly hope that Lily finds someone who will give her the same level of love and care as her rescuers. She deserves it.

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