Rescuers Received A Call About 2 Puppies Living In An Industrial Area So They Came To Rescue Them

One thing that isn’t often talked about is just how difficult it is to work at a shelter. A lot of the time, you are overcrowded and can’t accept any new dogs, so it can get overwhelming.

Some simplify the options by trying out different ways to help stray pups. When they can’t accept new dogs in the shelter, they help out those who live on the streets in any way they can.

In this story, we will talk about rescuers who came across two small puppies living in an industrial area, where they often feed strays.

Mom’s Heartbreaking Goodbye

woman playing with puppy
Source: YouTube

When rescuers from Love Furry Friends were notified about two small puppies living in an industrial area, where they often feed dogs, they went to help.

This was a very famous area for leaving and abandoning dogs, so there were a lot of them, but the one thing they didn’t expect was to find two new puppies there.

These sweet babies were hiding out near a public toilet with their mom, who didn’t want to interact with humans at all.

woman carrying puppies
Source: YouTube

When they got closer to her, she just left, as she didn’t seem to want anything to do with them. However, she didn’t know what to do about her puppies.

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She looked back on her children one last time and probably realized that they deserve a better life than what they have now, so she let them go.

A New Opportunity For The Puppies

woman bathing puppy
Source: YouTube

They tried to find the mama dog later, but they were not very successful, so they had to call it for the day.

The rescuers took the two puppies to a veterinarian where they could receive a proper checkup and treatment.

After that, they were given a nice, warm bath, and the vets established that these puppies are both male, and around three months old.

puppies on the table
Source: YouTube

Even though they were a bit confused and skittish without their mom, they adapted pretty quickly, and are both very lively pups.

The workers at the shelter decided to post their pictures online to see if they could find a family for them and a new home.

While we don’t have any information on whether these sweet puppies were adopted after that, there is no doubt in my mind that they are now living their best life with someone special.

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