Rescuers Received A Call About A Dog Abandoned On A Construction Site And Went To Help

There are many justified reasons why someone can no longer take care of a dog and then have to give him up.

However, none of those is an excuse to just leave them in the middle of the street to survive on their own. They deserve a new chance and shouldn’t be treated that way.

For this story, we will talk about a dog who was so scared of his rescuers that he just refused to move an inch when they came to help him.

Sad And Abandoned Dog

a dog abandoned on the construction site lies on the sand
Source: Hope For Paws

In July of 2023, the rescue organization, Hope For Paws, from California, received a phone call about an abandoned dog in the middle of a construction site.

One of their rescuers, Loreta Frankonyte, answered the call and was on her way to help the confused animal.

Upon arriving, she secured the area to make sure that he couldn’t escape, and was starting to get close to him.

a girl approaches an abandoned dog
Source: Hope For Paws

When she was near him, she noticed just how frightened he was of human contact. Frankonyte tried to ease him up a bit with food, but it didn’t work.

He wouldn’t move an inch. He was just so scared that he didn’t know what to do.

He ate a little bit of the food, and they tried to place a leash on him to see if he would come with them.

Odin’s Hopeful New Life

a man puts an abandoned dog in a cage
Source: Hope For Paws

The dog didn’t budge and they didn’t want to force him. A little while later, the woman who gave them a call offered her help.

They brought a small kennel where they placed the dog and carried him back to their car. They were really careful with him, and he seemed relaxed after being taken into the vehicle.

The rescuers took the dog, now named Odin, to a veterinarian clinic in California where he was neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.

They also made sure to check if he had any preexisting problems. All in all, he was a very healthy and happy dog.

a dog in the garden with a toy in its mouth
Source: Hope For Paws

Now, all that was left was for them to find a new home for Odin. They placed him on an adoption list quickly.

He was a very lovable and happy dog, so they had no doubts that he would find someone amazing.

It didn’t take long for the rescue organization to find a forever home for him and he is now living with a loving family who takes care of him.

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