Rescuers Received A Call About A Scared Mama Dog In A Small Town And Rushed To Help

Seeing a group of stray dogs on the street is not rare in most parts of the world. In fact, it has become quite common in the last few decades.

However, one thing that still breaks my heart is seeing a mama dog walking around with her puppies trying to find some way to feed them, even while living in harsh conditions.

The best thing to do in this situation would be to call for help, so they can have a chance. In this story, we will talk about Hope for Paws and one of the more difficult rescues they had recently.

A Very Troublesome Rescue

scared mother dog
Source: Hope for Paws

When rescuers from Hope for Paws received a text about a frightened mama dog and her babies living on the streets of a small town in California, they answered the call.

Apparently, she had just given birth and was trying to protect her puppies, so she didn’t let anyone get anywhere near them.

But, the rescuers had to try something. The poor puppies were born in very difficult conditions and they needed help immediately.

After arriving in the town, they tried to find this dog family, and it took a while. One of the rescuers found the mom near some olive branches, hiding.

mother dog in the bushes
Source: Hope for Paws

She was very terrified of what they might do to the babies, so she started growling and barking. They gave her some food in hopes of calming her down.

However, she would only eat it and then start barking at them again. This was problematic, so they had to figure out some sort of plan to help ease her up a bit.

A Successful Rescue Mission

white dog in cage
Source: Hope for Paws

They gave her some food to eat, and then placed a leash on her. When she realized that, she immediately started panicking and trying to flee.

Her rescuers saw that she was squirming, but they couldn’t let her go back, so she wouldn’t step on her puppies by accident.

After a little struggle, they were able to place her in a small kennel, and she was now finally safe. In just a few moments, it was almost like everything had changed for her.

It looked like she realized that they weren’t there to harm her, but to help instead. They then found her three puppies and realized that they were doing okay.

mother dog with its pupps
Source: Hope for Paws

They were only ten days old, but were in good health, so that was some great news for the rescuers.

Now, it was time to take them back to Los Angeles where they could take them into a shelter for proper treatment.

They received a warm bath and a lot of food and water. The mom, now named Disney, also had a groomer’s appointment and she was completely changed after that.

It will take some time, but the shelter workers plan on finding a suitable family for them in a few weeks. Until then, they can finally rest and relax a little bit from living in harsh conditions.

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