Rescuers See A Little Puppy Crossing A Busy Street And They Know Exactly What They Need To Do

While Lauren Botticelli, a dog rescuer, was driving along with her crew, she noticed a little furry creature on the side of a busy street. After she took a better look, she realized that it was a black puppy. 

Her heart sank when she saw that the tiny pup was about to cross the street. The speeding cars and the big trucks were passing by, but the playful puppy didn’t seem to be aware of the danger. 

Saving The Puppy’s Life

a woman saves a black dog crossing the street
Source: The Animal Pad

Luckily, the rescuers came just in time to save his life.

“… Our entire van saw him at almost the same time … We all looked at each other and knew. I was driving and immediately pulled over,” Botticelli told The Dodo.

They rushed to help him. When the puppy saw the rescuers running, he became frightened and went up the driveway.

The whole crew sighed in relief. If they hadn’t intervened, the pup would have been hit by a car.

When the rescuers approached the puppy, he was happy to see them. It seemed as if he understood that they were there to rescue him. As soon as Botticelli started talking to him, he threw himself in her arms.

The cute puppy had a rope tied around his neck. His rescuers assumed that he chewed the rope to free himself. 

The pup kept licking his rescuers’ faces and covering them with kisses. 

a man with glasses holds a black puppy in his hands
Source: The Animal Pad

Botticelli’s crew did everything they could to find out if the puppy had an owner. Since they couldn’t find one, they brought the puppy with them. 

The puppy, later named Binx, immediately made friends with the whole crew.

Sweet Life In Foster Home

two dogs sleep in the arms of a woman
Source: Lauren Botticelli via The Dodo

The Animal Pad, an all-breed dog rescue, located in San Diego, California, took him under their care and they started looking for a foster who would take him in.

“He has been the best little puppy ever since. Almost like he knew he was saved and was grateful,” Botticelli said.

It didn’t take long, and the adorable puppy was happy to move into his foster home in Los Angeles. His foster mom showered him with love. 

Binx had the best time. He felt safe and loved. The charming puppy was full of puppy energy and he enjoyed playing.  

His foster mom praised the lovely pup for being very smart. He quickly learned new commands. 

Binx loves people and easily makes friends. Everyone who met him fell in love with his sweet personality. 

Although it hasn’t been confirmed that the lovely pup got adopted, we are absolutely sure that a pup as adorable as Binx found his happily-ever-after.

We’re thankful to Botticelli and her crew for rescuing Binx from the dangerous streets and for giving him a chance to find his much-deserved happiness. 

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