Rescuers Spend 3 Days Trying To Track Stray Dog Who Stuck His Head Inside A Jar

As stray dogs roam the streets looking for food leftovers in order to satisfy their hunger, they sometimes find themselves in difficult situations. 

Cheeto was one of the stray pups who was in need of urgent help after he got his head stuck in a plastic container. The sweet doggo felt helpless as he ran through the neighborhood, unable to slide the jar off on his own.

Luckily, good humans took notice of him and they contacted The Last Stop Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, located in Carleton, Michigan.

Trying To Rescue Cheeto 

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Along with Kim Broman Canales, an experienced dog rescuer, the shelter started looking for Cheeto. In order to track him down, Canales placed trail cameras.

Although they tirelessly searched for days, Cheeto was still on the run. 

As time passed, the rescuers became more concerned for his well-being. They feared that he didn’t have much time left.

“He couldn’t drink, he couldn’t eat and he was oxygen-deprived because it was so tight on his head. They spent three days out there day and night tracking him and finding his locations,” said Tom Walsh, the founder of The Last Stop Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.

dog with jar on his head
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Being timid and nervous because of the situation he was in, the doggo kept walking.

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After the rescuers discovered his whereabouts, they set up humane traps on the way. Being unable to smell the food, the pup kept missing the traps. 

Although Canales added scent boosters to the traps, Cheeto couldn’t smell them either, and he continued running.

As he ran, he started losing his energy. His rescuers were worried that the defenseless dog would become prey to the coyotes who lived in the area.

He Is Finally Safe

dog walking with jar on its head
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Finally, on the third day of the search, Canales’ efforts paid off. She got a tip from a Good Samaritan, and she headed to the family house where the dog was sighted. 

Canales had the owner’s permission to enter the property. After she arrived at the scene, she began looking for Cheeto.

As soon as she noticed the wandering pup around the garage, she snuck up behind him with a snappy snare.

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Caneles quickly put a loop over Cheeto’s head. Having secured it around his neck, she sighed in relief. The doggo was safe. 

There were tears of happiness on her face as she took Cheeto to her car and drove him to the shelter.

The shelter staff cut the plastic jar off of his beautiful and loving face. The pooch felt relieved and free. Everyone was overjoyed that the delightful canine had finally been rescued.

Cheeto Gets The Love And Care That He Needs

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Cheeto’s caregivers gave him food and water. The pup was underweight, and his ribs were showing. 

In order to get a full veterinarian checkup, he was transferred to Woodhaven Animal Hospital, in Michigan. The doggo got diagnosed with worms and monoxide poisoning. 

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Walsh and his wife, Sue, took care of him and made sure he had everything he needed. They showered him with love. The affectionate pooch gave them pawdorable kisses as he licked their faces. 

The Walshes believed that he had owners at some point, but they couldn’t contact them because Cheeto didn’t have a microchip or a collar

After a couple of days, the sweet dog looked much better, and the Walsh family was certain that he would recover and regain his strength very soon.

All of the shelter residents love Cheeto, and he’s soaking up all that love. He’s glad to finally feel loved and cared for.

We’re sure that the cute pup will find a great family as soon as he fully recovers.

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