Rescuers Were Heartbroken To See Abandoned Dog In A Kennel With A ‘Free’ Sign On It

Trust is a very important virtue that humans place a lot of meaning in. It’s what defines our relationships and makes them last long.

However, some people only apply this to themselves and not to animals, as more often than not, people will abandon their dogs who trust them completely and leave them on the street.

When that trust is shattered, it’s hard for them to recover from the mental trauma and learn how to believe in someone again.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet dog who was abandoned in a kennel in the middle of a highway.

A Heartbreaking Story

dog in cave with sign
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Nova is a very special dog. And, even though she had a rough start, she had hoped for a normal life, but was abandoned by her owner on the road with a ‘free’ sign on her kennel.

It’s absolutely tragic that somebody would do this to a dog, and to make matters worse, it happened on a very busy highway.

Luckily, for Nova, one person noticed her and couldn’t just stand back and do nothing. The Good Samaritan posted about her online in hopes that a rescue organization would come and help.

dog for free
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Surprisingly, Madison Nygard, a volunteer for the organization, Pawfect Match Rescue, in North Carolina, answered the call.

She told People: “I was on my way. I had seen it a couple of minutes after it had posted it. I got to Nova before the post hit the hour mark.

After she arrived at the scene, she was horrified to see the sign on the kennel and wondered who could have done this.

Nova’s New Chapter

dog standing on the car window
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She had a little discussion with animal control officers who were there with her, but ultimately, she decided that she was going to help Nova by rescuing her.

Nygard took her to a veterinarian clinic in North Carolina where she could get a checkup and treatment in case she was sick.

She said: “I knew that at least if I brought her into the house, she would have food in her belly, and I could physically monitor.

Now that she was in Nygard’s foster care, she could finally relax and just enjoy herself a little bit, and it’s safe to say that she took every opportunity she could to show her gratitude.

little dog on the couch
Source: Facebook

She got along well with everybody in the house, and Nygard was happy to see her make such progress after going through so much.

While she loved being with them, her foster mom still had to find a more permanent home for her, and she found a few potential adopters.

However, it’ll be a while before the process is complete. Until then, she gets to enjoy being in a warm home with lots of treats, toys, and a family who will care for her.

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