Rescuers Were Saddened To Find A Sweet Dog Tied Up Behind A Cemetery

Dogs, just like all animals, are worthy of being pampered with infinite love and care. Making them happy and seeing them thrive day after day is one of our greatest joys in life.

These wonderful furry creatures reciprocate with more love when they cover us in kisses and give us long hugs whenever they see us.

I feel heartbroken every time I’m reminded that there are ruthless people who are capable of abusing innocent and defenseless animals.

Our next story is about Magnolia, a wonderful pup who was sadly mistreated and abused, too. After she was left tied up near the Magnolia cemetery in Texas, she began barking and calling for help. Scared and helpless, she hoped that someone would hear her cries and come to her rescue.

Rushing To Set Her Free

photo of dog tied up in the woods
Source: Beaumont Animal Care

The shelter staff at Beaumont Animal Care heard desperate barking and howling, and rushed outside. They started searching the area behind the cemetery. 

The staffers followed the desperate cries for help into the deep woods. They were left brokenhearted when they came face to face with a frightened dog who was tied up to a tree.

“Staff here at the shelter were so heartbroken finding her tied to a tree with no shelter or water. Magnolia’s barks had become raspy from crying for help all night,” Rachel Bush, Beaumont Animal Care veterinary technician and kennel supervisor, told The Dodo.

dog standing on grass in woods
Source: Beaumont Animal Care

Getting her untied proved to be a real challenge because the pooch was extremely frightened and she kept growling at the rescuers. 

The shelter staff understood Magnolia’s fear and distrust towards humans. The pooch couldn’t forget that one of the humans tied her and left her in the dark woods without food and water.

Her rescuers talked to her in a tender voice and they managed to convince Magnolia that they would help her. They untied her and took her to the shelter.

Shelter Staff Showers Magnolia With Lots Of Love

man walking the dog
Source: Beaumont Animal Care

The staffers worked with her slowly and patiently, showering her with love and giving her the care she needed. Shortly afterward, Magnolia realized that she could trust them.

Feeling relaxed and safe, her true personality began shining through. She became friendly to everyone and made many friends at the Beaumont shelter. The pawdorable pup loves people and she greets everyone who passes by her kennel.

Magnolia became best friends with her kennel mate. The two pooches like hanging out and playing in the yard.

While Magnolia is searching for her forever home, she enjoys her time at the shelter.

We’re certain that sweet Magnolia will soon steal the hearts of her new pawrents who will adore her and shower her with affection. The wonderful pooch deserves all the happiness in this world.

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