Rescuers Were Shocked To Find Abandoned Puppies In A Small Box Just Before A Storm

My heart breaks for all the innocent animals who, despite being deserving of unconditional love, end up abandoned by their ruthless owners.

Instead of surrendering them to shelters when they can’t take care of them anymore, their families dump their faithful companions without caring if they survive or not. 

I was left brokenhearted after I heard what had happened to four-week-old puppies in Michigan. 

Their family was so heartless that they chose to dump them on the night of a storm. Thanks to the wonderful people who rushed to help them, their lives were saved in the nick of time. 

Shivering In The Cold

puppies in the box
Source: Harbor Humane

On a freezing stormy night in November 2022, a group of tiny puppies was abandoned in a cardboard box in Holland County, Ottawa, in Michigan. They were terribly cold and scared of the howling winds that were so strong that they knocked down trees and moved storage containers.

As the little ones shivered in the cold, they curled up against each other to keep warm. They knew they only had each other. Their mom wasn’t there to feed them or shelter them. Because of the cruel owner, they were now outside on their own in the worst possible weather.

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Luckily, a kind-hearted person found the tiny, defenseless puppies and called the police right away.

Having heard of the dangerous situation the pups were in, the Ottawa County Sheriff Department’s Deputy jumped into action right away. He knew that they didn’t have much time as the storm seemed to be getting worse.

He rescued the puppies and drove them to Harbor Humane Society. The shelter staff was brokenhearted when they saw the pups. They reminded the public once again that they could always reach out to their shelter for help.

“It breaks our hearts that things happened this way… We never want to see an animal abandoned and truly will never turn away a person or pet in a real emergency, even when we are bursting at the seams,” they stated on their Facebook page.

On The Road To Recovery

cute puppies in the box
Source: Harbor Humane

When they arrived at the shelter, the little pups were freezing. Two of them were in critical condition, but they were expected to make a complete recovery.

One of the wonderful and caring staff members took those two puppies home to watch over them throughout the night and keep them warm. 

Other puppies went to foster homes and their foster families cared for them and made sure they recovered completely from the terrible ordeal they had been through. They cuddled them, giving them a lot of love day after day.

The shelter staff was convinced that the little puppies wouldn’t have survived the night if their anonymous rescuer hadn’t found them.

The charming pups proved to be strong, and the love that their foster families selflessly gave them made them thrive fast. They enjoyed playing and they felt safe in the warmth of their home.

4 in 1 photo of people with puppies
Source: Harbor Humane

In December 2022, the sweet pups were ready for adoption and they took part at Howliday Puppy Pawty – an annual adoption event at Harbor Humane Society.

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The adorable puppies, named Zeus, Oso, Bronte, Ammann, Nyx, Zane, and Eric stole many hearts at the event. They were adopted by loving families who will love them and cherish them forever. They were over the moon to leave the shelter in the arms of their proud parents.

We are thrilled that all the pups found their happily ever after, and we hope that all other shelter animals will find a loving home they deserve.

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