Rescuing The Poor Stray Puppies Was A Success, But The Bitter Taste Sadly Remained

Luida spent most of her life helping animals in need, and stray dogs have a special place in her heart.

She did not disappoint this time either when she saw a video of four puppies living under a concrete slab. After watching the video, she immediately called her colleague to help her in the rescue operation.

That day, they spent a lot of time searching all such locations in the city, but they couldn’t find the place.

Just when they thought that everything was in vain, they heard voices under one of the slabs.

They Finally Found Them

woman looking under concrete slab
Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

As soon as they realized that this was the location they were looking for, Luida immediately began to walk around the slab, following the source of the sounds coming from the depths. 

Finally, she found a small crack between the slab and the ground and immediately bent down to see where the puppies were. She and her colleague couldn’t reach them at first, so they decided to wait to see if at least one dog would venture out of the hole.

stray puppy standing in the nature
Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

After a few moments, that finally happened. One little doggo gathered courage and went out into the light of day, and Luida immediately took him in her arms. He didn’t resist much, so they managed to put him in the cage without a problem.

Unfortunately, the other puppies were much more frightened, so Luida and her teammate had to do something about it. According to the good-old custom, they poured some dog food into a container and placed it at the entrance of the hole. 

woman playing with stray puppies
Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

Although they had to wait for some amount of time, the heads of the three hungry pups eventually came to the surface, and they promptly reacted and placed them in safety. 

But, just when they were thinking of going to the vet for a checkup, something told Luida to check the place under the slab one more time.

It was a shock. She realized that there were actually five puppies in the hole. Sadly, one little guy had already crossed the rainbow bridge. 

A Roller Coaster Of Emotions

stray puppies at the vet clinic
Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

As they drove towards the veterinary station, feelings of happiness and sadness mingled. They were glad that they managed to save these four little ones before the worst fate befell them. 

However, Luida could never get the image of the poor puppy out of her head, whom she had seen lying helplessly in that hole. That’s why she decided that she would do everything to save these remaining little dogs from such a fate. 

Since they didn’t know what was wrong with the one that passed away, the vets first had to find out what was really bothering these puppies. It was visible to them that they were in bad condition.

After a detailed examination, the veterinarians determined that it was parvovirus enteritis.

It is a condition that poses a great risk for dogs, especially for such small puppies. For this reason, these four babies had to stay in the clinic until further notice.

puppies at the vet clinic
Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

After some time, Luida posted an update on their condition in the comment section of the YouTube video that featured this event. She stated that the three dogs were recovering well, but that one was still fighting for his health. 

We hope that everything ended well and that these brave little warriors found their way to their new, happier lives. It’s the least they deserve after everything they’ve been through.

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