Rottweiler With An Incredibly Rare Condition Saved From A Ditch Finds A Loving Home

Yeti has always been a unique boi. From the moment he was born, he differed from other pups, which only made him more special.

However, this sweet Rottweiler’s life hasn’t been an easy one. His family abandoned him just when he needed home the most. He ended up chasing his luck on a street, far away from the place he could call his own.

Yeti’s struggle culminated in a terrible accident. All alone, scared, and in so much pain, he was at the point of no return. But then, fate intervened!

Yeti’s Backstory

Source: @lil_cobbs16

A group of kind rescuers spotted Yeti helplessly lying in a ditch in Waco, Texas. He was hit by a school bus and left in freezing temperatures. His pelvis and his front leg were completely broken, and Yeti suffered severe trauma from the hit.

Fortunately, a local rescue decided to give Yeti another chance! 

They saved him at the last minute and subjected him to vet care, after which, he felt so much better. A woman named Stephanie Cobbs took Yeti on a foster basis, and she did absolutely everything to help him get back on his paws.

Source: @yeti_the_spotted_rottie

His caregivers tried to initially fix his broken leg. Yeti felt better for some time, but they eventually needed to amputate it, as it caused nothing but pain.

On top of all that, Yeti had an inborn condition known as vitiligo. 

Vitiligo in dogs is characterized by unpigmented skin and patches all over a dog’s body. Even though the condition itself is extremely rare, it isn’t harmful at all.

Yeti’s story, as tough as it was, never, ever caused this sweet boi to lose his smile. From the moment he was saved, he has been nothing but the cutest lovebug. And, by the look on his face, you could just tell that Yeti was truly grateful for being saved!

Smiling His Way Into People’s Hearts

Source: @yeti_the_spotted_rottie

Melissa was looking for a dog that could fit into her Pacific Northwest home, and a friend told her about Yeti! 

As soon as she got to know his story, she instantly fell in love with this unique Rottie. She flew to Texas, hoping that he would be the perfect match for her – and the rest, as they say, is history!

Yeti and Melissa formed a bond right off the bat. He immediately melted into his new momma’s arms, as if he was trying to say: “Yes, you’re my forever hooman!” The two took off back to their home in PNW and embarked on a beautiful journey together.

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Objavu dijeli Yeti_the_spotted_rottie (@yeti_the_spotted_rottie)

Even though it normally takes a few months for a rescue dog to acclimate to a new environment, for Yeti, it only took two short weeks! He loved his home and his new feline siblings right away!

What Melissa was surprised to learn was that her new doggo took bedtime really seriously! 

“He wants to be as comfortable as possible and drift into dream land where he can chase, bark and play with whatever he’s going after,” Melissa explained in an Instagram post.

And, he really loves the beach!

“Yeti is obsessed (to put it lightly) with the beach. He was taking OFF down the shore line, chasing waves, grabbing sticks, and enjoying the freedom,” Melissa wrote on Instagram.

Source: @yeti_the_spotted_rottie

However, at the end of the day, Yeti’s all about his family. He really enjoys those long cuddle sessions with his mom, and he absolutely loves spending time in the house. For a dog that didn’t have a home in the past, Yeti adapted amazingly to life indoors.

But, make no mistake! He’s not an introvert. No, sir! Yeti is always on the go, and his specialty is meeting new people and making friends.

There’s not a single person in his life who he doesn’t like, and he always looks forward to showering everyone with the sweetest smiles and warm kisses.

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Objavu dijeli Yeti_the_spotted_rottie (@yeti_the_spotted_rottie)

Yeti has a hidden talent, too! 

At times, he just loves singing, and he does it with such confidence and style!

“He for whatever reason will always bellow out his best siren impression when he hears first responder sounds,” his mom wrote under the video.

One thing is for sure – Yeti absolutely loves every single thing about his life. And, now he finally has a chance to live it carefree!

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