Scared Dog Starts Trusting Again With The Help Of His New Hooman Friend

There are many horrible things in this world that can cause a sweet, stray dog to lose his faith in people and turn aggressive.

These types of animals need to be handled delicately and we have to show them that we are better than the people who cause them harm.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who spent the better part of his life in rough shape because of abuse, and he does not trust people so easily.

Alone In The Desert

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Source: The Dodo

When rescuers first heard about Poe, he was alone in the desert. When animal rescuers came to help him, they had to be very careful around him, as he was very scared.

A Dog Behaviorist working for Marley’s Mutts, in California, Angela Adan, decided that she would be the one to help this poor dog.

She started out slowly, as Adan did not want him to immediately go into panic mode and hurt someone.

Before she took him to her home, she did her best to ease him up, so that he would be relaxed enough to get into the car without much pulling.

In the car, he seemed a bit uneasy and confused, but you could just tell that he wanted to believe that he was safe now.

When at the house, they made sure to take things slowly, which seemed to actually speed up the process, as Poe realized pretty quickly that Adan only wanted what was best for him.

Regaining Trust In Others

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Source: The Dodo

They started taking walks, so that he could get to know his environment better and he just loved it.

When Adan’s friend, Eleanor, decided to stay at her house in California, she was actually able to walk him for a bit, which meant huge progress, as he did not trust other people.

It was after this event that she was sure that this beautiful dog trusted her completely.

She recounts the fact that he still has a habit of barking at people he doesn’t know, but he stops when he realizes that Adan is there.

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Source: The Dodo

Only three weeks went by since Poe came into her care and he was already a completely changed dog. 

It just goes to show you how little kindness it takes to make a dog’s entire life better.

Now was the time to look for his forever home. Adan was working really hard to find someone like herself who would take care of him properly.

Almost half a year later, Poe finally found someone truly amazing. After everything he’s been through, it’s safe to say that he is finally enjoying his life.

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