Scared Puppy Left Deep In Cleveland National Forest Becomes The Friendliest Dog

Abandonment is hard, but sometimes it is the only path towards a better tomorrow – like in the case of Trekker! 

Stuck in San Diego’s Cleveland National Forest for more than two weeks after she was cruelly dumped by her owner, this poor girl had no one and nothing to rely on – but herself.

Scared, hungry, and always on the lookout for mountain lions and coyotes, Trekker almost made peace with her destiny. But, luckily, destiny didn’t make peace with her!

All Alone In Cleveland National Forest

a dog found in the forest
Source: Suzette Hall

A woman who was walking through the woods spotted Trekker from a distance, thinking it was some wild animal at first, but after a few moments, she was sure – it was a dog!

Scared and insecure, she was positioned on the slope of a path, so the woman couldn’t approach her, let alone rescue her. 

Still, she didn’t give up and decided to set up a feeding station nearby, hoping that the dog would eventually come out and eat – and she was right!

The poor doggo was so hungry that she accepted probably the first bowl of food that she had had in days!

The woman then called Suzette Hall, the founder and rescuer of Logan’s Legacy, from Irvine, California. 

A Giant-Hearted Woman To The Rescue

a frightened dog that was found in the forest
Source: Suzette Hall

Hall didn’t think twice, and she immediately drove to the spot, but the rescue itself was no picnic! She took a one-lane road deep into the forest with no reception at all, but she didn’t mind. All she could think about was Trekker and how scared she must’ve been.

“I couldn’t stop thinking how scared she was and how hungry she was,” Hall said. “I honestly can’t even describe how deep in the forest she was.”

Once she arrived, she set up a humane trap, hoping that she would get into it as soon as possible. Still, Trekker didn’t budge. They spent two days trying to lure her in, but she didn’t show up until the morning after!

Hall showed up and looked at her – all lovey-dovey inside the trap. Trekker was wagging her tail, as if she was trying to say how glad she was to finally be safe!

Hall took her to a local shelter and found out that she was microchipped. She was adopted by someone just days before her first sighting, and then dumped in the woods. 

Fortunately, Hall had a plan prepared for this beauty!

“She Is A Miracle, A Survivor, And She Is Rescued”

portrait of a dog that was rescued in the forest
Source: Suzette Hall

After the checkup at the vet, Trekker was moved to a home with an amazing foster mom, Sharon Kelly, and she loved it! In no time, she transformed into an amazing dog who just loved hanging out with her foster family – and she just couldn’t wait to go to her forever home!

“She is a miracle, a survivor, and she is rescued,” wrote Hall.

a beautiful picture of the owner and the dogs in the garden
Source: Suzette Hall

A few weeks later, Trekker was blessed with a family! 

“She has found perfect love, a perfect family. She will be loved and cherished. I am just happy for her. She deserves all the love and happiness in the world. We will love you forever sweetheart,” Hall wrote on her Facebook.

a man holds a rescued dog in his arms
Source: Suzette Hall

She accepted her new owners and her new doggo sibling in a heartbeat, and she just couldn’t take her smile off her face! After all the hardship she had been through, Trekker was finally at her safe place!

We wish you a long and happy life, good girl!

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