Severely Matted And Starving Dog Couldn’t Contain His Gratitude For Being Saved

Despite not having the finances or available fosters, Puppy Kitty NY City animal rescue simply couldn’t say ‘no’ when an animal abuse case dropped in their laps. 

The poor animals were literally being starved, and they just couldn’t let them suffer anymore. 

A bonded pair of a dog and a cat was in such bad shape that urgent rescue was imperative; consequently, the rescuers rushed immediately to bring them to safety.

Upon reaching the scene, they were shocked by the severity of the situation.

Meet Noodle & Doodle

starving dog being saved
Source: @puppykittynycity

When rescuers first saw the poor animals, they couldn’t believe their eyes. 

“I have never seen such a matted dog,” Meagan Licari, president of Puppy Kitty NY City, told The Dodo.

The dog was severely matted and starved, and the kitty was almost a skeleton. What a sad sight it was. 

It was hard to believe that anyone would do such a thing to innocent animals. 

cat in the house
Source: @puppykittynycity

The dog – later named Noodle – was not only extremely malnourished, but also severely matted to the point that it caused a hernia and a lot of pain. It was painful to even touch him. 

“His fur is so painful, it was almost impossible to get a harness and leash on him,” the rescue wrote in their Instagram post. 

But, despite the enormous amount of pain, Noodle was still happy to see his rescuers. He knew they were there to save him from this terrible life he and his kitty friend did not deserve. 

“Despite being so horribly treated, he was always so loving and even wagged his tail even with the heavy, heavy mats on them,” Licari said. 

The rescuers had no idea how he was still so sweet after all the abuse he experienced. 

On the car ride to safety, Noodle couldn’t help but express his enormous gratitude to the people he had just met. 

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Objavu dijeli Puppy Kitty NYCity (@puppykittynycity)

The next morning, Noodle was brought to the emergency vet, where he had to be sedated for his shave and an exam, but he felt so much better afterward. 

The cat, which they later named Doodle, was the complete opposite of Noodle. She was extremely malnourished and traumatized to the point where she was very aggressive. 

The Transformative Power Of Love

Once Noodle was all shaved, he looked like a completely different dog. 

saved dog sitting on the chair
Source: Puppy Kitty NY City via The Dodo

Throughout the process, he never stopped showing love and gratitude to the kind people who saved him, and everyone just knew he was going to be an amazing new member of any family. 

There was a lot of interest in his story, and so many people donated to his and Doodle’s cause.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for Noodle to find the perfect forever family. 

Noodle, who is now named Sonny, is living his best life with his new forever mom. 

“He is sleeping in his moms bed every night, going for long walks, and loves looking out the window! He has brought so much joy to his new family,” the rescue wrote on Instagram.

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Objavu dijeli Puppy Kitty NYCity (@puppykittynycity)

And, if you’re wondering what happened to Doodle, we luckily have more incredible news!

Doodle was not doing well in the rescue, but thankfully, a foster family stepped in and literally changed her life. 

Going to a foster home saved Doodle’s life. 

She is a completely different cat now, and it just shows the transformative power of love. 

Her foster family turned into a forever family, and she is finally living the life she deserved. 

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Objavu dijeli Puppy Kitty NYCity (@puppykittynycity)

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