Shelter Dog Overlooked By Many For So Long Finally Finds A Forever Home

Inside their small kennels, all they dream about is finding a new home. These shelter canines crave the gentle touch of a caring hand, and they usually turn out to be the best companions.

Yet, many of them are overlooked and passed over. Dogs with certain health issues and unappealing looks either have a hard time finding a home or they don’t find one at all.

Mr. Magoo, the shelter dog from California, was one of those dogs. No one wanted to give him a minute of their time until one day, a giant-hearted woman realized how perfect his little imperfections were!

People Passed Him Over And Over Again

old dog laying in a bed
Source: Lisa Michele Chiarelli

Lisa Michele Chiarelli, of Frankie Lola & Friends, from Los Angeles, California, arrived at the shelter for the sole purpose of bringing Mr. Magoo out. 

This shelter boi that suffered from demodectic mange and dog pneumonia was overlooked by many for so long. Because of the way he looked, nobody wanted to give this dog a chance.

blonde woman holding a dog
Source: Lisa Michele Chiarelli

He spent countless days watching other dogs find their forever homes while being all alone in his kennel. And, when he realized Lisa was there to bring him out he couldn’t hide his happiness!

He started wagging his tail and gave Lisa the cutest little smile. His eyes lit up, and despite feeling horrible for so long, he was happy from day one!

All it took for Magoo to forget about his unfortunate past was one person and one short cuddle session. After that – he blossomed into the sweetest lovebug!

The Pawfect Foster Home

two dogs with tongue out
Source: @adopt_the_underdogs

Lisa found Magoo the ideal foster home. Arielle, the long-time foster of Adopt the Underdogs, specialized in fostering dogs with certain health issues, and she welcomed him with open arms!

It only took days for Magoo to acclimate to the new environment. He soon made friends with Arielle’s other dogs, and immediately became the family’s sweetheart. He needed some tender loving care and Arielle sure knew the way!

Given that he had serious skin issues and pneumonia, Arielle made sure to give him meds around the clock. During his first days in a foster home, Magoo didn’t do much. He slept most of the time and enjoyed his medicated baths.

In the coming months, Magoo felt so much better. He even started goofing around with other dogs, and he definitely enjoyed the playtime in the yard

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“He slowly started to have more energy and jump around and become more playful. He’s comical. I don’t know how else to describe it… You really can’t be in a bad mood around this dog,” she told The Dodo.

Most of all Magoo loved fruits and vegetables! His foster momma was so excited that he was a healthy eater. One day, she and Lisa decided to throw him a little picnic!

He got the nicest, sweetest private party with Arielle and Lisa, and a plate full of his favorite fruits and veggies. And, he loved it so much!

“Magoo loved his yummy treats but, well, he just loves everything really – dogs, people, food, belly rubs, cuddles, all the things! He is the happiest little goofball and we can’t get enough of him,” Arielle wrote on Instagram.

Mr. Magoo In A Furever Home

two old humans and dog
Source: @lisachiarelli

Magoo became a brand-new dog in just a few months. Even though his skin didn’t completely heal, he felt so much better and had a lot more energy.

And, the best thing of all – he got the family he was dreaming of this entire time – two doting moms and an amazing furever home!

“Mr. Magoo has been ADOPTED!!!! The life he has been dreaming of, that we have been dreaming of. The life he has deserved forever,” wrote Lisa.

woman and many puppies and dogs
Source: @lisachiarelli

Even though the adoption day was bittersweet for both Lisa and Arielle, they were just over the moon seeing Magoo finding his perfect family. Aside from his owners, he got a whole bunch of siblings, too!

“He has lots of siblings to hang out with and family to care for him for life,” says Lisa.

Once an overlooked shelter dog with zero chance of being adopted, Mr. Magoo is now the happiest boi in his forever pack!

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