Shelter Dog Separated From His Family Is So Happy When He Sees Them Again

Sometimes, things can change so quickly in life. Today, you live surrounded by happiness and love, and tomorrow, things take such a turn that everything just collapses.

It’s not easy to endure it and get back on track, but sometimes all you need is faith in miracles.

And, then things also turn, but this time, in the desired direction, and we become so happy again that the happiness simply overwhelms us.

This is the case with the pup from this story.

Lost And Sad, He Appeared Out Of Nowhere

colorful dog on a leash next to the fence
Source: DAVID ROBICHAUX via The Dodo 

One cold, winter morning, employees of the Louisiana SPCA, while coming to work, saw a frightened dog outside the shelter. He was left outside with his leash tied to a fence. 

While it was a sad sight to see, it was not that uncommon, so the shelter staff immediately brought him inside and led him to the kennel. 

Given that he had a leash, they assumed that he had an owner as well. They immediately tried to find a microchip, but when they scanned him, nothing came up. 

So, this pup went up for adoption. Potential adopters quickly began to arrive, but the dog paid no attention to them at all. 

the dog is lying on a purple chair
Source: DAVID ROBICHAUX via The Dodo 

“He was very fearful and would low growl when meeting new people,” NeNe Lewis of the Louisiana SPCA said. “When he was given treats and people would ‘baby talk’ [to] him, he would stop. Since he was found tied to our fence, it makes his reaction common.”

As time passed, he became a little more relaxed and friendly, but even then, this was not usual for a dog that needs to find its new home.

Despite everything, the shelter employees continued to work on finding an adopter, but then something truly incredible happened.

The Reunion Was Overwhelming For Everybody

the dog jumps in front of the door when he saw his owner
Source: YouTube

After two months of searching for a new home, the shelter staff came across a post in which a family was looking for Cow… a dog identical to the one they found in front of the Louisiana shelter. 

After making contact with that family, they realized that it was really Cow at their shelter. One of the reasons why they couldn’t find the owners at first was the fact that Cow was stolen and the thieves actually left him tied up outside the shelter.

However, thanks to the persistence of both the shelter staff and the family, this mysterious case was finally solved. After such a long time, the moment of reunion was finally approaching, and the whole shelter was looking forward to it.

They could not even guess how Cow would react when he saw those he loved the most and for whom he rejected all previous adopters.

When he saw them through his kennel door, he jumped up and down numerous times. When his mom walked through the door, he was immediately in her arms. He just couldn’t control his emotions as happy as he was.

They were finally one again, and any other house would be just a house for this dog. But, there was only one home.

a man and a woman with a dog on a leash
Source: YouTube

This story actually testifies to us how true love can endure people and time, and all difficulties, and in the end, it always finds its way.

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