Shelter Dog Throws ‘A Party’ For Himself After Being Left In The Office

Dogs are very well-known for their ability to amuse themselves even in the most boring situations.

It’s one of their superpowers. However, have you ever wondered what happens when they are locked in a room filled with many toys?

In this story, we will talk about a dog who was left in an office and decided to throw a party for himself.

Meet Damon

a dog with a toy in its mouth
Source: Cincinnati Animal CARE via The Dodo

When Damon first arrived at the Cincinnati Animal CARE, in Ohio, the staff noticed that he was a very happy and playful dog, so they put him up for adoption almost immediately.

Despite his charming personality, he spent months there in hopes that someone would come and take him to his new home, but it did not happen.

Because the staff there was struggling to care for all the dogs, as there were so many of them, a few dogs got to hang out at the offices every day.

Damon was one of them. Ray Anderson, who works at the Cincinnati Animal Care, told The Dodo: He was living in the behavior office, but they needed their space to work with more dogs in need, and he had really bonded with Sydney, our foster specialist. So he was living there for a bit!

Sydney was pretty busy that day when Damon was in his office, so he stepped out and went to a meeting.

However, what happened next in the office was something that no one had really anticipated.

It’s Party Time

the dog made a mess in the house
Source: Cincinnati Animal CARE via The Dodo

The second Sydney was out of the room, Damon decided it was time to party, and he took every toy that was in there and shredded them to pieces.

The amount of damage he did in such a short time is enough to leave anyone completely dumbfounded.

Anderson said: I believe the official number of toys destroyed was ‘all of them’.The foster office is loaded with goodies to go home with our foster fams, so he found a cornucopia of fun.

When they found him there in the office, he seemed so happy and they just couldn’t be mad at him.

He continued by saying: It was a particularly chaotic day at the shelter (although they’re all pretty chaotic), and walking in to see that was just hilarious. He was having the time of his life — how could you be mad at that face?

A Viral Event 

the dog lies in the mess he made
Source: Tyler Arnold

The whole event was so funny that the shelter workers decided to put it on social media, where it went absolutely viral.

This action proved to be extremely fruitful because Damon’s real family, who lost him months ago, reached out to claim him.

Now that he is back with his real family, he can continue to enjoy his toy adventures whenever it suits him.

Who would have thought that such a funny event could not only lead to so many smiles around the world, but also reunite a precious dog with his loved ones.

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