Shelter Pit Bull With A Mysterious Past Finds Home She Always Wanted

When Sara came to the California shelter, she was looking for a companion for her dog, Riley. As soon as she saw a delightful Pit Bull, named Sasha, she caught her attention. 

Sara wished to know more about her, but the shelter staff couldn’t tell her anything about her life before she came to the shelter. Her past was a mystery.

Sasha’s pretty eyes melted Sara’s heart and the pup reminded her of her dog whom she lost. Sara decided to adopt Sasha.

Arriving Home

dog sitting next to a pink food bowl
Source: @thepamperedpitties

As soon as Sasha arrived at her forever home in 2018, she brought a lot of joy to her family’s life. Her parents instantly connected with her. 

They fell in love with her beautiful and soulful eyes that displayed her emotions. Just by looking at her, they always knew what she was thinking about.

The day Sasha came into Riley’s life, everything changed. 

“Sasha came into the house full of energy and he was seven at the time and so he was already starting to exhibit some of his old dog energy. But when she came into the house, it really brought out the puppy in him,” said Sara. 

Riley was unrecognizable and he began enjoying life. The two canines didn’t want to leave each other’s side. They became inseparable.

A Special Bond Between Sasha And Riley

two dogs sitting next to each other
Source: @thepamperedpitties

Their bond was so strong that it seemed like they had grown up together. Whenever Riley is taking a nap, Sasha will touch him with her nose to make sure that he is okay.

The two pups became true siblings, and they love each other deeply. Seeing them curled up on the couch next to each other warmed their parents’ hearts.

Since Riley is older than Sasha, she looks up to him and he became her role model. She copied his behavior and followed him around the house.

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Source: @thepamperedpitties

Their parents showered them with love, and made their happiness their biggest priority. 

Sasha is a very affectionate dog who enjoys snuggling, and she constantly wants to be close to her family.

“Whenever we go, we typically take them with [us] whenever possible. She’s kind of clingy in that sense, but I don’t mind it. I’m very lucky to have her. She’s a good dog,” said Sara.

Since they’re Pit Bull mixes, people often judge them before giving them a chance to know them better.

“Riley and Sasha are often judged for their breed. They definitely have a bad rap, just people judging them before they even know them and they are very sweet dogs,” Sara said.

Being There For Each Other

two dogs wearing blue bandanas sitting on grass
Source: @thepamperedpitties

Both pups love sharing updates about their fun adventures in Oregon on their Instagram page. They enjoy running on the beach and going hiking. Their parents give them the best possible life.

In 2022, Sasha had a TPLO surgery, and it was successful. Her family, along with her brother, Riley, snuggled with her and cheered her up while she recovered at home. Six weeks after the surgery, Sasha was happy to go on walks with her family again.

Sadly, in 2023, Sara shared on Instagram that Riley had cancer. His family was with him the whole time, cuddling him and giving him all their love as he crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Sasha missed Riley, and she snuggled with her parents even more. Together, they helped each other move on. They will never forget Riley and he will always be in their hearts.

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