Shelter Staff Shocked To Discover A Mystery Cardboard Box Next To A Trash Can

HelpAWS is an animal rescue organization based in Saint Lucia, which organizes a clinic every year dedicated to spaying and neutering.

This event plays a big role in managing the dog population on the island.

Even though it is hard work, the veterinarians and staff feel incredible knowing that they spent their time helping dogs in need.

They were once again reminded of this after they extended their working hours to help a pack of puppies who really needed it!

Mystery Box

puppies found in a box
Source: Helpaws

Day three of the Saint Lucia clinic was just as busy as any other. When the work hours finally came to an end, the whole staff was happy to be heading home.

However, something stopped them in their tracks.

“[We] noticed the cardboard box sitting on the ground next to the trash can. We stopped to investigate, knowing what we would find but willing it not to be true,” said Charlene Penney Troubetzkoy, the founder and CEO of HelpAWS.

Snuggling inside of the tiny cardboard box were five of the most adorable little puppies.

puppies come out of the box on the side of the road
Source: Helpaws

Even though Charlene, throughout her work, has seen many dogs in difficult situations, one simply can’t get used to it.

No matter how many times it happens, it still makes my heart sink to look inside and see tired, scared little eyes looking back at me.

To The Shelter

The rescue staff, not wanting to waste time, rushed the puppies back to the shelter where each and every one of them got a nice and thorough checkup.

Even though they were being well taken care of, the puppies needed some time to get used to their new environment.

cute puppy behind the fence
Source: HelpAWS via The Dodo 

They were scared at first, which is common. It didn’t take them long to realize they were finally somewhere safe, though, where they would be fed and loved.

After their medical examination, the little pack was more than welcome to enjoy their time at the shelter.

puppies on a green blanket
Source: Helpaws

Even though the siblings love to spend their time together, they were ready to find their forever home.

Leaving the shelter one by one, each reminded the staff of how rewarding their job really is.

Thank you to HelpAWS and anyone who is a part of this line of work for helping this little dog bunch in need, even when they were tired themselves.

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