Shelter Workers Were Puzzled By A Mysterious Green Tarp In The Parking Lot, So They Went To Investigate

After a very stormy night in San Antonio, SA Animal Care Services staff arrived early to work only to find a mysterious green tarp in their parking lot. 

Immediately concerned, they approached the tarp to investigate. When they lifted the soaking wet tarp and saw what was hiding beneath it, their hearts sank a little bit. 

Six eyes looked at them in utter confusion and terror…

A Trio Of Dogs Abandoned In The Rain

photo of tarp in a parking lot
Source: City of San Antonio Animal Care Services via The Dodo

Abandoned in cages and left in the rain were two German Shepherds and a small Chihuahua. 

Three innocent pups were heartlessly dumped in horrible weather and left beneath this green sheet of plastic. They were completely terrified and couldn’t understand why someone they likely considered family would abandon them like this. 

Lisa Norwood, the public relations manager for the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, told The Dodo: 

“Anytime something like this happens, we’re sad and a little frustrated. We had been experiencing a spate of strong thunderstorms, and I can only imagine their fear with the traffic going by coupled with the heavy rain and thunder.”

As soon as the staff realized that the dogs were underneath the trap, they quickly called for backup and transported these three wet and scared dogs to the shelter. 

man lifting the tarp
Source: City of San Antonio Animal Care Services via The Dodo

They quickly brought the dogs into a warm place and gave them food and water.

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One German Shepherd dog was named Peaches, and the other one, Cyrus. The little Chihuahua pup was named Gabby. 

Finding Their Forever Home

Norwood told The Dodo, “Both Peaches and Gabby seemed a little more calm and were easier to handle. Cyrus was very frightened by the whole experience and took some time to warm up to everybody.”

Poor Cyrus was deeply saddened and traumatized by the whole situation, and he simply needed more time to process everything and calm down. 

photo of a dog on a leash
Source: City of San Antonio Animal Care Services via The Dodo

The situation with stray animals in San Antonio is slowly getting out of control, and animal shelters are simply overcrowded with abandoned animals every day. 

They wrote on their Instagram profile:

“Innocent pups abandoned under a tarp in the rain… roaming pets terrorizing neighborhood children… shelter kennels filled to the brim with unwanted pets… This is just a taste of what Animal Care Services’ struggles with day after day. This is the reality of our municipal animal shelter.”

Struggling with capacity and overpopulation of strays, San Antonio Animal Care Services knew that the dogs couldn’t stay too long in their shelter. 

two dogs who were found under the tarp
Source: City of San Antonio Animal Care Services via The Dodo

Thankfully, Peaches and Gabby were quickly adopted. 

Cyrus, on the other hand, needed more time to recuperate and find his forever home, so he was transferred to the German Shepherd Rescue of NY, Inc – a non-profit organization that saves GSDs from euthanasia lists. 

According to the GSRNY’s Facebook page, the sweet boy, Cyrus, was adopted, too – shortly after. 

dog on a leash lying on the grass
Source: German Shepherd Rescue of NY, Inc.

We are so happy that these sweet dogs finally found their happily ever after, and hopefully they’ll never be abandoned again and experience this terror. 

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