Starving Dog Was Eating Garbage To Survive Until Her Rescuers Saved Her

There’s something so heartbreaking, yet endearing about rescuing a stray dog from the street! Whether it is their extremely difficult life path or their eagerness to bond with their rescuers, all of these canines have a certain uniqueness that no other dog has!

Abby was just like that when she was first found in not so spectacular conditions! When she was discovered by animal control, she was almost on the edge! This poor, sweet girl was extremely malnourished, skinny, and eating garbage to survive.

She pretty much seemed like a lost cause until the good people of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, from Shreveport, Louisiana, decided to intervene.

Abby’s Rescuers Were Shocked To See Her Condition

stray dog in bad condition
Source: Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Even though Abby’s overall condition was very bad, she still had a tiny sparkle of hope in her eyes! This senior girl had a plethora of diseases, including skin infection, ear infection, and an injured hind leg.

It was obvious that Abby was untreated for a very long period of time, having no one to take care of her.

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The people from HSNWLA were quite shocked to see her like this, wondering how she could manage to survive on her own for such a long time. 

It must’ve been terrible for Abby not having proper daily meals, let alone being forced to search for food with a broken leg. Fortunately, all of that was about to end, as the HSNWLA was inclined to help her and change her life for the better!

The Recovery Process Required Serious Care

woman holding stray dog in a towel
Source: The Dodo 

Given her condition, Abby needed a lot of care on her recovery path. Her new Louisiana family made sure she got all the treatments she needed, including surgery of her hind leg. 

It was a slow, exhausting path towards recovery, but with every new day, Abby was feeling so much better!

Sarah Walton, one of the HSNWLA workers, said that Abby received large amounts of love and care during this process, which is why she turned out to be such a lovely and friendly princess around her new people!

She’s adapted in no time, feeling so comfortable around her new friends. In just a few short weeks, Abby was practically a brand new canine!

beautiful dog lying in her  crate
Source: @hsnwla

Today, she’s totally unrecognizable in comparison to September of last year when she was first brought into the facility! Abby’s now a spunky fluff, and she absolutely adores her new environment!

The Senior Princess Is Looking For A New Home

cute dog looking at camera
Source: Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

The good news is that Abby has one more treatment to go through until she’s finally ready to meet her new family! 

According to Walton, she’s doing pretty well now, even though she hasn’t reached her full potential yet… but even now, her hero rescuers can’t believe how far this brave girl has come, taking into consideration that she has long entered her senior years!

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We truly hope she’s going to finally meet her pawfect hoomans soon, and finally experience what it’s like to have a beautiful hooman-dog relationship! Good luck, Abby!

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