Starving Dog Who Was Hiding In The Bushes Undergoes An Incredible Transformation

Sometimes, we simply can’t believe what cruelties are happening in this world. Animals know this very well, especially dogs, who intensely feel the pain caused by a human hand.

The evils that some people inflict on dogs are different, but most often, it is neglect and abandonment. However, some people bring that to the next level, as they use dogs for breeding for their entire life. 

Some dogs simply can’t stand it anymore and then get sick. After that, heartless owners usually get rid of them and leave them to suffer.

Fortunately, good somehow always overcomes evil, and soft-hearted people appear and write some of the most beautiful happy endings.

Other Dogs Sensed Suffering

photo of a white sick dog
Source: The Dodo

One day, Sabine Kaufmann, the founder of the Little Steps Matter Foundation, was walking her dogs when she noticed that they suddenly became very agitated. 

All the dogs were barking and pointing towards the nearby bushes. Having immediately realized what it could be, she ran towards that place, and only then, she heard moans from behind a bush.

The scene she saw shook her so much that her voice began to tremble and her eyes filled with tears. One emaciated dog was behind a bush, facing the jungle, and in terrible condition.

“She was incredibly sick and unable to walk,” said Sabine for The Dodo, “It was obvious that humans had not been kind to her.”

Although she wasn’t ready for a rescue mission, Sabina had no intention of leaving this poor creature to suffer.

At first, the dog was so terrified that she didn’t want Sabina to come closer. But, after a few comforting words, she gained a little bit of her trust, and she was able to grab her and transfer her to safety. 

The Most Incredible “Transfurmation”

close-up photo of the sick dog in a kennel
Source: The Dodo

On the way home, Sabina decided to call this dog Hope. This was because she realized that the dog was running out of strength and on the verge of tragedy, but still, “hope dies last”. 

When they got home, they stopped for a quick first-aid, and they gave her a few drops of water, which she desperately needed. 

After that, they went to the veterinarian. There, it was discovered that Hope was only 4 years old. Also, they found out that her back was crooked, and that she had a huge hernia that required surgery. 

She was used for breeding, and most likely forced to live her entire life in a cage. Abused for profit, she then was tossed away when no longer useful.

This poor doggie spent two weeks in the vet clinic and, fortunately, the surgery was successful. After that, Hope went straight to foster care. Her new foster mom was Krista, one of the members of the team. 

Krista provided her with a lot of love and affection. She showed her that she was safe and loved, so Hope was able to regain the trust of people fast… very fast considering that she experienced human kindness for the first time in her life. 

After three months in foster care, not only did Hope’s emotional well-being improve, but she also became healthier and she looked like a truly beautiful dog once again. 

dog wearing a pink bandana around his neck
Source: @littlestepsmatter

After four months, the only thing that she was missing was a forever home. 

Finally, The Love She Deserves

Four months after she was saved, Little Steps Matter announced the truly wonderful news on their Official Instagram page, with the title, “Forever loved”. Sweet little Hope was finally adopted. 

She has found her forever family in Metha, who visited Hope in her foster home with Krista. They fell in love with each other as soon as they met and the adoption was sealed.

woman holding the dog
Source: @littlestepsmatter

“We couldn’t have asked for a better forever person for Hope,” Sabina said for The Dodo. 

Finally, Hope was living her best life. She was sharing her home with her dog brother named Tofu, who also fell in love with her instantly. Also, she was enjoying her daily walks and cuddles with her mama and niece, truly living the best life she ever had. 

Our hearts are filled with so much happiness, knowing what this dog has been through, and we hope that she will be forever loved just as she deserves. 

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