Starving Pit Bull Puppy Given Days To Live Transforms Into The Sweetest Dog

Rescuing a dog is a wonderful thing, let alone rescuing one in need. The satisfaction of providing a roof over their head is a once-in-a-lifetime feeling that only true doggo enthusiasts know. 

Sadly, not all puppies get the chance of “being found”. Some of them are forced to fight their way to a furever home, and that’s the battle that only rare ones win!

Pumpkin, here, is the one who earned the status of family lovebug, but not everything started out great for this little girl. After less than a glamorous start in life, Pumpkin wandered into a strange back yard, looking for help. What she found instead was so much more…

Pumpkin – The Fighter

pitbull puppy standing on couch
Source: @pumpkinthepetworthpitbull

Tre and Alicia, the couple from Grant Circle, in Petworth, Washington D.C., have always had a soft spot for dogs. 

One day, their friends told them about the little Pittie puppy that sneaked into their yard, and that they wanted to give, and the couple immediately fell in love with the idea of adopting her!

“The loving, human part of you kicks in where you have compassion for this animal who’s going through this challenge,” Tre told The Dodo.

photo of puppy outside
Source: @pumpkinthepetworthpitbull

The puppy looked like an oddly-shaped pumpkin, so the name was smooth! The problem was – Pumpkin was very malnourished and weak when Tre And Alicia first brought her home.

She was thin and her tummy was bloated. Pumpkin would definitely not have survived if she had stayed alone for another day or two, according to a vet. She needed someone to take care of her – and she needed them now.

Luckily, Tre and Alicia were the kind of people Pumpkin needed. This amazing couple was inclined to do everything in their power to get her back on track, and they sure did an amazing job!

Cuddling Her Way Through Life

photo of woman with a puppy and grown pitbull
Source: @pumpkinthepetworthpitbull

From the moment they adopted her Pumpkin was just full of personality! Despite her size, she was this spunky, silly girl that got anything she wanted. And, on the other hand, she’s just the cuddliest pup in the world.

“She’s like a big dog in a small dog’s body.She always sits in my lap or right next to me. She tries to sleep on top of my computer,” says Alicia.

The one special thing she always loved was being in her momma’s lap! Even now that she’s a big girl, she has this “momma lap syndrome” that never fades away.

pitbull puppy lying on an other dog
Source: @pumpkinthepetworthpitbull

Tre and Alicia already had a bigger dog, Laila, who was quite picky about other dogs, but Pumpkin swept her off her paws the very first day! Within a few hours of getting to know each other, they were found sleeping and cuddled up together on the couch.

“Laila is picky about whatever dog she likes. But within hours, they were sleeping on the same couch. She would nip Laila and she would bite her ankles and Laila would just be so patient with her,” says Alicia.

The Princess In Her Own, Little Family

man, woman, baby with a pitbull
Source: @pumpkinthepetworthpitbull

Sadly, after an amazing life filled with love in her Washington D.C. home, Laila crossed the rainbow bridge in 2019. The family was so devastated that their loving girl had left them, but the year ended with immense joy with the birth of their baby girl. 

That new life chapter brought so much change, but one thing remained the same – Pumpkin’s incredible nature. 

Tre and Alicia knew right off the bat that their doggo princess had an amazing way with hoomans, but with the birth of their daughter, Pumpkin surprised them again.

little girl and pitbull lying on bed
Source: @pumpkinthepetworthpitbull

The baby girl became Pumpkin’s best bud, and the two now don’t know life without each other. Every new day is a new adventure for the family, and Pumpkin makes every moment of it so much better.

She walks with them, takes trips with them, snoozes with them, and most of all – she cuddles with them, like… all the time! 

Once a weak puppy that had only days to live, Pumpkin’s now the happiest doggo girl in the world – all thanks to her giant-hearted pawrents!

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