Stray Dog Mom And Her Puppies Living Near Freeway Get A Second Chance

There is perhaps nothing more wholesome than seeing a mama dog who is fiercely protecting her puppies and just doing anything she can to help them.

That kind of bond between a parent and his babies is something truly beautiful, which makes it really hard when we see them living on the street and struggling to survive.

In this story, we will talk about a stray mama dog who was living near the freeway and finally got the help she needed.

A Dog Family Living Near The Freeway

dog standing on a gravel
Source: YouTube

When Hope For Paws received a call about a mama dog and her babies, they were on the scene in no time.

Apparently, the cute family had been living in a nursery near a freeway in California. It was not a great place for them to be, so the rescuers knew that they had to get them out of there.

Once they arrived, they found the mama dog and noticed that she was pretty reserved about this meeting. 

They noticed that she was very scared, so they set up a humane trap and left for a while until she decided to come out.

many puppies laying down
Source: YouTube

The dog, now named Haleakala, fell for the trap and was terrified when she realized she had been caught.

The rescuers went on to look for her babies, so they could help them. It took them a minute, but they found 6 adorable little puppies.

They took all of them very carefully to their mom, and it helped ease her anxiety a little bit.

Time For A New Beginning

puppies sleeping on the ground
Source: YouTube

After they fed all of them, it was time to take them to a veterinarian clinic in California where they would receive medical help.

Haleakala was not too happy when she saw other people hugging her babies, so she let them know.

However, now was not a great idea to argue because it was bath time for all of them. Now, they were all clean and finally in a safe place.

The workers at the clinic also had another task. They had to name all the puppies, and the idea was pretty creative.

mama dog and her puppies
Source: YouTube

The babies were named: Luana, Kaiko, Leilani, Kalani, Koa, and Molokai.

This story really showed us just how amazing the rescuers at Hope For Paws are for saving this dog family from living in awful conditions.

Even though their full story is unclear, I think it’s safe to say that they all have a very bright future ahead of them and have likely found their forever homes.

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