Stray Dog Resting On A Random Family’s Porch Gets The Most Amazing Surprise

Depending on where you live, you might have come across a few stray dogs in your life. It’s not too uncommon in any part of the world. 

Many of these stray dogs are struggling to find even the most basic necessities to survive, like food and water, so in their desperation, some of them will roam the areas where humans live in hopes that someone would help them.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who was stumbling through the streets of California and accidentally found his new home.

Sunny’s Hopes And Dreams

white dog in front of the door
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For most of his life, Sunny was a very scared and lonely dog. He didn’t take to anyone too easily, but he desperately wanted to be loved by someone.

He spent a big part of his life roaming the streets of Los Angeles, California, in hopes that he would find that one person who would change his life for the better.

Just when all hope seemed to be lost for Sunny, he stumbled upon a house and he noticed that the owners there seemed like friendly people.

He thought about trying to reach out, so he walked slowly to their home and decided to camp out on their front porch.

white dog on a leash
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Jaylene Guevara wrote in a TikTok video: I told them to do whatever they can to keep him there so I could come help.

Guevara hurried back to her parents’ house to help the dog. Meanwhile, his mom and dad worked on gaining the dog’s trust by bringing him food and blankets.

The plan worked, and Sunny warmed up to the old couple by the time Guevara arrived at the house.

Guevara’s New Best Friend

dog laying on the bed
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When Sunny finally warmed up to Guevara, she thought about taking the dog to a vet to have him checked out and to see if he had a microchip.

After the trip to the clinic, it was established that Sunny, in fact, did not have a microchip, and the veterinarian also recommended a grooming appointment for the dog.

Sunny’s fur was in horrible condition and it was causing him so many problems. When it was finally gone, the dog was so visibly happy that even Guevara was surprised.

She said: He was so happy after his grooming. He was rolling around on the grass.

Even though he still had a long way in his recovery, Guevara decided that she was going to be there for him through everything.

owner petting the white dog
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She continued by saying: The poor boy is so skinny, but he’s in good hands with us. We are going to get him back to looking and feeling like his best self.

A few days had gone by and Guevara decided to update the people on Sunny’s condition. She said in a post that he was recovering pretty fast and is regaining his strength. 

Even though he is still trying to adapt to his new environment, he loves his new life and his owner.

After so much time of roaming the streets of California, it seems like Sunny has finally found his forever home.

@jylngvr Meet SUNNY ☀️💘 Rescued this baby boy the night of 3/20/2023. I scheduled a vet appointment for him for Friday morning. I’ve posted several lost dog reports on PawBoost, lost and found FB groups in the Chino, CA and San Bernardino County area, my mom has posted him on NextDoor, and I reported him to the Inland Valley Humane Society but so far we have not found his owner. I am fine with fostering him for however long I need to and willing to adopt him if need be. He is in good hands with us ❤️ #dogrescue #rescuedog #rescuedogsoftiktok ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

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