Stray Dog Spent 11 Long Years Looking For A Home To Call His Own

No dog deserves to be homeless. Sadly, many four-legged creatures are destined to live the life of a wanderer, fighting for each bite of food they find along the way.

It is a true miracle that some dogs manage to survive years living that kind of life, like Toty did. This sweet pooch struggled through every day of his existence since the day he was born.

He roamed the streets for 11 years straight, hoping to find a place to call his own. Sadly, all he found was a yard of a factory, where he settled in his temporary refuge.

This is his story…

Living His Life In A Factory Yard

dog laying down
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Toty’s life is truly an inspiring story of survival! All this time, he lived outside with no proper shelter or roof above his head

When the good people of Howl Of A Dog approached him, he had a yellow tag on his ear, which meant that at one point, he had been taken to a vet, neutered, and then again released on the street.

On top of all that, Toty’s health was affected. He had spine problems and difficulty moving at all. 

“He lived outside, no proper shelter, no medical care and sadly his health deteriorated. Age took its toll: Toty has severe arthritis and he’s walking with difficulty, staggering on his hind legs,” his rescuers wrote on their Facebook.

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Source: Howl Of A Dog

This brave dog found his refuge in the yard of a factory, where he supposedly lived for the last few years. According to the HOD team, he was being fed there by one of the employees.

The good people of HOD decided to extend a hand of friendship to this poor boi, which he accepted in a heartbeat! He literally melted in his rescuer’s arms, as if he was trying to show gratitude for finally being saved.

The team took him to their facility, where he was provided with medical care and the love he had most likely never experienced before.

Toty Has Never Lost His Sparkle

Dog with scar under eye
Source: Howl Of A Dog

The team estimated Toty to be around 11 years old. He was already in his senior years, but despite that – his love of life was stronger than ever.

He was literally one of the sweetest doggos in the facility, showering everyone who approached him with hugs and kisses. Even though he had never had a family of his own, Toty was extremely kind-natured and sociable.

“We may not know his whole story, but one thing we know for sure: he has never ever had a loving, caring family. He’s all kindness, affectionate, good-natured and very friendly with people,” the Howl Of A Dog team wrote.

He was recently diagnosed with arthritis, but despite his condition, Toty is always willing to play with his caregivers, which only shows how great his enthusiasm is.

Dog laying on a floor
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Even though he’s still in the process of finding his furever home, we’re absolutely sure that he will make some family really happy.

If we can say one thing with certainty, it’s that Toty is definitely ready to share his golden moments with someone special!

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