Stray Kitten Adopted From Street Can’t Imagine Life Without Her Doggo Sibling

Cats and dogs are often perceived as mortal enemies, but many real-life stories have proved that to be far from the truth.

Dogs are wonderful and compassionate creatures who feel empathy for their family members and for all animals around them, including cats.

Our following story about an unbreakable bond between an empathetic dog and a teeny-tiny stray kitten will melt your heart. It will also prove that cats and dogs can be best friends and family members.

Waiting For Somebody To Help Her

tiny stray kitten sitting on a black dog
Source: Sharra Platt

In 2016, a tiny, four-week-old kitten was left all alone on a sidewalk next to a busy road in California. She didn’t know what to do or where to go. She missed her mom very much and wondered why she wasn’t there with her. She was meowing, trying to call her.

Luckily, at that time, two women who were walking by decided to stop and help her. They looked around, hoping to see the kitten’s mom or siblings, but there was nobody there. 

The teeny-tiny stray cat was alone.

While the women were trying to figure out what they should do, Sharra Platt, an animal lover, drove by. As soon as she saw the women looking anxiously at the little kitten, she pulled over and asked them what was wrong.

Moving To Her Forever Home

photo of dog and a stray cat lying on the bed
Source: Sharra Platt

After she found out that the adorable stray had nobody else in this world, she felt responsible for her, and she took her home. Her initial plan was to take care of the kitten that evening and take her to a rescue organization in the morning.

Everything changed when her rescue dogs, Roxy and Kasey, met the little, cute stray. Ever since they saw the little one for the first time, they were totally enchanted by her and they wished to have her close

They liked her so much that Platt decided to keep her and welcome her into the family.

She took the cute kitten to the vet, and she was found to be in excellent health. The kitty was named Crenshaw, after the street where she was found.

Crenshaw Finds A Mom She Never Had

dog roxy and a stray kitten
Source: Sharra Platt

Realizing that the kitten needed a mom and a protector, Roxy’s motherly instinct kicked in. She started taking care of tiny Crenshaw. 

The doggo washed her and snuggled with her. All Roxy wanted was to make her happy and keep her safe. She felt that it was her duty.

Crenshaw was over the moon to have a caring and loving mom like Roxy. The tiny kitty became attached to her very quickly.

kitten and a dog leaning on man's hand
Source: Sharra Platt

Although Crenshaw loved spending time with Kasey and the other cat, Lucky, her bond with Roxy was special. She wanted to be with her all the time. 

“Crenshaw loves to climb up on Roxy and sleep on her […] I think Roxy is her favorite!” Platt said.

Crenshaw’s furry siblings showered her with love, and the cat was overjoyed. She couldn’t have imagined a better home for herself. She had the perfect family.

Thanks to her family’s immense love and care, Crenshaw grew into a strong and confident cat. She turned seven in 2023. 

cat named crenshaw lying
Source: Sharra Platt

Her family grew bigger after they adopted another dog, which they named Kitty. Crenshaw bonded with her instantly. 

Sadly, in January 2023, Crenshaw’s 17-year-old canine brother, Kasey, crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Crenshaw and her family loved and comforted each other more than ever, and they managed to move forward

The sweet cat still lives in California with her family. There is nothing Crenshaw loves more than cuddling with her family members, especially Roxy, who will always hold a special place in her heart.

Roxy was the mom Crenshaw never had. The cat was deeply grateful to her for everything she had given her. Her selfless love changed her life.

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