Stray Puppy Living By The Road Can’t Hide His Happiness After Being Saved

When a woman named Prue saw a little brown dog on the side of the road with cars and trucks just quickly driving past him, she knew she had to do something.

However, her rescue mission wasn’t as easy as one might think.

Rescue Mission

puppy spotted running along the busy street with motorcycles
Source: The Dodo

The dog stood between the road and a rice field, so Prue knew that if she approached him too aggressively, he may either run into the traffic or into the watery field.

So, she decided to go with a safer plan and get to know the dog first.

“I spoke to the family there, and they said they knew the dog, but no one could touch him,” said Prue.

After the dog moved to a safer area, Prue came closer to him, talking to him in a calm and gentle voice, trying to gain his trust.

Desensitizing him with the food and the soft sounds and the calm approach. Energy is incredibly important.

poor sick dog
Source: The Dodo

After some time, she managed to corner the little pup and carefully take him into her arms, bringing him to the rescue.

New Life

Even though the pup was nervous when Prue first took him in, it only took him a single night to completely gain the trust of his rescuer.

I honestly didn’t think it was the same dog.

poor dog standing on two legs
Source: The Dodo

This rescue has a plan where they keep the pups outside first, allowing them to get used to their new environment, and letting them come inside when they, themselves, decide to.

I let them inside when they’re ready to. It can take an hour, it could take several days.

dog outdoor
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With the help of very warm and encouraging words, the little brown pup stepped inside the house.

Once he was in, and once he met all of the other animals inside, he didn’t want to leave.

black dog looking at poor dog
Source: The Dodo

Prue makes sure to regularly take all of the dogs out to a field so that they can have their daily runs.

And, the newly-rescued pup loves his playdates with all of his new friends.

We had him on a leash to make sure he wouldn’t run away, but eventually, I trusted him enough to let him off the leash.

dog running on the grass
Source: The Dodo

Forever Home

After finally feeling what it’s like to be a dog surrounded by love and adoration, this pup, now named Willis, simply couldn’t contain his happiness.

He would jump around whenever he could, showing Prue just how grateful he truly was.

dog standing still
Source: The Dodo

And, of course, being such a happy pup, Willis managed to find a loving forever home, which showers him with attention and adoration every single day.

He’s just surrounded by love, which is everything that he’s ever wanted!

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