Street Dog Had Nothing In This World, Now Has A Whole Pile Of Teddy Bears

They say that rescue dogs display a special kind of gratitude, and they are absolutely right!

Since the moment he was given his first pat on the head, Wilf has been nothing but the sweetest lovebug! He was hungry, emaciated, and quite weak in his body, but the one thing he never lost was his friendliness.

Wilf was a textbook example of an animal cruelty survivor. This good boi was abandoned by his family after he was bullied for so long. But, all that was about to change when he first met Alex!

Wilf’s Backstory

close-up photo of street dog
Source: @wilflight

Alex Light and her family were on vacation and eating in a restaurant when they spotted Wilf. He was roaming the local streets in an attempt to get some food and help, but everyone kept ignoring him.

What struck Alex the most was the shrapnel stuck all over his body. He looked like he was recently shot by someone. 

“He was in such a bad way, he looked so thin, and he was so dirty and scabby,” Alex told The Dodo.

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The Light family was so heartbroken to see Wilf in such bad shape. They immediately approached him and offered the dog some food, which he gladly accepted.

He melted around his saviors within seconds, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Alex and the family took Wilf to her parents’ home, gave him a nice bath, and arranged cushions in an improvised doggo bed. It was a long day, and probably a long life before these giant-hearted people found him – so Wilf took a well-deserved nap.

The next day, Alex subjected him to a vet exam, where he was properly dewormed and deflead. According to the veterinarian, Wilf had a really rough past, as he was clearly abused by his former family

dog lying with a teddy bear
Source: @wilflight

But, what surprised the family the most was how forgiving and loving this dog was. Despite the horrible events that took place in the past, he showed no sign of fear and aggression. He was a good boi all along!

“No dog deserves to be abused, neglected or left behind. We don’t know much about Wilf’s early life, only that he wasn’t treated well by humans. But he was so incredibly forgiving and he never showed us anything but love,” his mom wrote on Instagram.

That day, Alex got his very first dog toy, ever! It was a plushie that he seemed to like very much right off the bat, and he refused to let it go even for a second. With his new foster momma and a toy around – Wilf felt at home!

The (Un)expected Home

group of people with a dog
Source: @wilflight

The Lights’ initial idea was to send Wilf to a good home after a decent amount of time, but Alex just couldn’t do it. Wilf and his hoomans already formed a beautiful bond together, and parting ways was no option!

They flew Wilf to their home in January 2020, where he was accepted in a heartbeat! The whole family showed up to welcome Wilf into the new home, including Alex’s other doggos.

This Beagle boi was so happy to finally be in his forever home. And, the best part of it was the nicest surprise his new owners prepared!

dog and a pile of teddy bears
Source: @wilflight

Wilf got his very own pile of plush toys that he could enjoy! His new family made sure to get him as many Teddy bears as possible that they knew he liked, and Wilf went crazy about it!

He enjoyed his pile of plushies so much. It was his own, private corner of joy that he felt comfy at. And, Wilf knew how to reciprocate. He showered his owners with a lot of love and entertainment on a daily basis!

This friendly, loving, and at times, cheeky Beagle boi enjoyed every second of his life with Alex and the family. And, they were so grateful knowing that he got a second shot at life after the absolute worst of times.

dog lying in a pile of teddy bears
Source: @wilflight

Sadly, in 2021, Wilf crossed the rainbow bridge after the battle with dog leishmaniasis, leaving his hoomans in heartbreak.

Everyone was devastated that their rescue miracle boi had to leave so early, but they appreciated the fact that he lived his final years surrounded with nothing but love!

“We’ll miss him with all our hearts but we’re taking great comfort in knowing that he is finally at peace,” his family wrote on Instagram.

Wilf’s memory will live on and serve as a reminder of how loving rescue dogs can be – when they are given a chance!

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