Street Dog Jumps Into A Couple’s Van And Decides To Stay With Them Forever

Meet Sandy – the cutest stray pup with a tale that warms the heart.

Life often surprises us when we least expect it, but those surprises often prove to be the best. 

Such is the tale of this endearing stray pup with soulful green eyes, who ended up being the most precious surprise for a traveling couple. 

This little puppy decided to take destiny into her own paws, and by hopping into a traveling van, choose her own family.

It’s unconventional, it’s endearing, and we love it!

An Unexpected Love

dog sitting on a shore
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This little stray puppy was living on a beach all alone when she first noticed a couple that, one day, arrived at their camp spot on that exact beach. 

Harry and his girlfriend are two very adventurous people who love to travel in their van. They have traveled many miles, but this trip will forever remain special to them. 

It was supposed to be a very short trip, but their planned short stay quickly extended for several days due to an adorable golden puppy with the most beautiful green eyes. 

She came to them straight away, and she was not afraid of people at all. 

dog laying on a ground near ocean
Source: @harrysadvantures

This little bundle of joy, covered in fleas, jumped onto Harry’s lap without any fear and slept there for a couple of hours, actually. 

“Every night, after enjoying the fire I’d have to take her off my lap and put her down, so she could go back to the hedge that she’d be sleeping in, this felt so wrong. The next morning we’d wake up and look out the window to Sandy staring up at the van, waiting patiently for us to get up and play with her,” Harry said. 

Adopting a very young puppy while traveling was a huge commitment for them (or anyone, for that matter), but this precious pup was slowly winning their hearts. 

It was a very difficult decision. They didn’t want to form a bond with a puppy and let her in their van if they were going to leave her eventually. 

dog in van
Source: @harrysadvantures

However, in the end, they decided to let her make her own decision…

“That morning we said… “If she’s sat outside the van now, we’ll take her with us”. She wasn’t just waiting for us, she was looking up at us in the most innocent and excitable face that I’ve ever seen… It was at this moment I knew that we wouldn’t be leaving without her.”

At that moment, two became three, and this little golden ball – later named Sandy – became a part of their little family. 

Sandy’s Adventures

guy and girl in a van
Source: @harrysadvantures

The very next day, the couple brought Sandy to the vet, and they made sure she received the necessary medical care and was ready to travel home with them.

Back home, the couple already had a dog named Freddie, who always greeted them with such joy after their travels, and who they missed greatly. 

At first, even though Freddie is a very sociable, friendly, and loving dog, they were still a bit skeptical of how he would react to a new family member. 

“I got out of the van and I put her [Sandy] on the floor, and they just went crazy, just running around in circles. They couldn’t have loved each other any more from the first moment. They are now inseparable,” Harry said.   

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Not only did Sandy get the perfect family and the very best friend, but she also has a chance to see the world with her loving new parents. 

She definitely hit the jackpot by hopping in their little traveling van. 

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“She is going to be a proper adventure dog, and she’s going to see the world in the same way that we’re going to see the world,” Harry said. 

What a lucky girl Sandy is! 

Follow Harry on Instagram @harrysadvantures, which, as he said, have basically turned into Sandy’s adventures now. 

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