Sweet Chihuahua Abandoned By Previous Owners Was Given A Second Chance By Her Rescuers

Abandonment is one of the most difficult things for dogs, as most of them can’t even grasp the mere idea that their former owner no longer wants them. 

So, they simply stop doing anything and just wait, hoping that someone would come back for them, but it never happens. It’s cruel and unforgiving, and unfortunately, it happens a lot.

In this story, we will talk about an abandoned dog who just wanted to find her family, but was given a new chance when she met some wonderful people.

A Sweet And Gentle Dog

dog on front lawn
Source: Hope For Paws

When Hope For Paws got a text about an abandoned Chihuahua in the California suburbs, Loreta Frankonyte answered the call and was on her way to help.

The dog was found near someone’s house, and it looked like she was just waiting for someone to help her.

Her rescuers wanted to be careful and make sure that they took it slow in case she was skittish, and they also didn’t have all of their rescue equipment with them.

scared chihuahua
Source: Hope For Paws

They had to improvise somehow, but then the homeowner came and decided to help them. The poor dog just ran to the porch and was just waiting.

Loreta managed to get close to her and they were able to lead her in the house. Now that she was inside, it was a much easier task.

All they needed now was to help her relax a little as she was very scared of everyone. They gave her some food to show her that they meant well, and that helped a bit.

Sunny’s New Amazing Adventure

photo of chihuahua
Source: Hope For Paws

They managed to put a leash on her and place her into a small kennel. Now, it was time to take her to a veterinarian clinic in California, so she could get a medical checkup.

Even though she was still a little bit uneasy, she managed to completely relax after a nice and warm bath.

She seemed to be happy to finally be in a safe, indoor environment, with people who actually cared for her.

LA Animal Rescue reached out and offered to take care of this adorable Chihuahua and hopefully find her a new family.

man holding chihuahua
Source: Hope For Paws

After spending some time with them, some wonderful people came and adopted this dog, now named Sunny, and gave her a new life.

They absolutely love spending time with her, and they bought her many new toys she can play with all the time.

Even though she was abandoned and left to care for herself on the streets, the wonderful rescuers at Hope For Paws gave her a new chance with the most amazing family ever.

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