Sweet Dog Forced To Drink Rain Water To Survive Finds His Forever Home

When I read stories about dogs being abused by owners, or the ones that were abandoned, I just wish I could somehow reach out and help the poor, abused animals.

The abuse on animals, and dogs in particular, has only increased throughout the decades. While a lot of dogs receive help, there are still many cases that remain unsolved.

The case we will be talking about today is just a tragic one, but with a satisfying resolution.

A Starved And Helpless Dog

a sad dog that survived months in the rain was rescued at the vet
Source: Youtube

During one of his calls as a plumber, he came to a house where he stumbled upon a starving dog.

When he saw the condition he was in, he was shocked. The dog was seriously malnourished and skinny.

His owner didn’t feed him anything for months, and the only thing that kept him alive was rain water.

The heroic man immediately called the police. Somebody from the Moho organization came and took the dog to a veterinarian where he was treated.

the rescued dog lies in its box
Source: Youtube

Everyone there was shocked at the state he was in. His name was Anew, and he was so weak that he couldn’t even walk. The veterinarians did everything they could to save him.

After he was stable, he was given some real dog food, and it was obvious from his reaction that he thoroughly enjoyed his meal.

Anew Gets A Second Chance

a sad dog sits in front of the pits with a downcast look
Source: Youtube

Many weeks had gone by and Anew regained his strength. He was putting on more weight and he was able to walk again.

The sad expression on his face had transformed into a big smile when he realized that he was going to be okay. 

Everyone at the clinic just loved Anew and would constantly give him the love and support he deserves.

When his recovery reached the final stages, it was time to leave the clinic and move to a shelter where he would wait for his adoption.

a sad dog lies on a pink quilt
Source: Youtube

Some time passed, and a new family came to adopt Anew. The dog was very excited to find his new home, and he is now living his best life.

His story shows how important it is to never give up hope and how that can transform your life. 

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