Sweet Dog Gets To Walk Down A Red Carpet After Being Adopted By His New Mom

It’s not always easy for shelter dogs to find a new home for themselves. A lot of them have to deal with this problem.

For many of them, it could negatively affect their behavior or make them depressed. This is why shelter staff should always try to make the animals in their organization feel wanted and happy.

Let’s just say that for the dog in this story, the workers showed spirit and went all out when he was finally adopted.

Bowie The Shepherd Mix 

a smiling dog sits on the laminate floor and looks at the camera
Source: Whatcom Humane Society

Bowie was a very particular kind of dog when he was first taken into the animal shelter.

He was loved by everyone in the organization, as he was a very high spirited and playful dog, but he was also known for having a bit of an attitude every once in a while. 

The shelter staff loved to take him out for a hike every once in a while, so he wouldn’t get bored.

Andrea Merrill, Whatcom Humane Society’s development associate, told The Dodo: He’s one of those dogs who just need an entire village to invest in him. That’s why the adoptions kept not working out…

During his time in the shelter, a lot of people showed interest in adopting Bowie, but in the end, nobody took him in.

the dog looks at the girl who gives him food
Source: Whatcom Humane Society

Merrill said: He definitely needed someone who was willing to understand that he’s a fantastic dog who is still learning his manners.

This would happen often. Somebody would try and adopt Bowie only for him to return to the shelter not too long after.

Everyone at the organization was super understanding and always took the dog back in.

A Red Carpet Send-Off

the dog enjoys while the girl caresses him
Source: Whatcom Humane Society

A year had gone by and Bowie was still in the shelter. The situation felt a bit hopeless, but then, a college student showed interest in adopting the dog.

The staff wasn’t sure it was quite the right time for her to adopt Bowie, but half a year later, she graduated and went back to the WHS only to realize that the dog she wanted was still there.

She was over the moon about this news and immediately put in an adoption application for him.

Merrill said: It’s very much a ‘the right person found the right dog’ situation. And everyone here at Whatcom was so excited for Bowie to start this new chapter.

His wait was over. Bowie was finally going to his forever home. This was a big day for him and for the shelter staff.

To commemorate this wonderful event, they decided to roll out the red carpet for his departure. 

Many of his friends were sad having to say goodbye to him, but they ultimately knew that this is what’s best for him.

Merrill said: Everyone was in tears, but we were all so excited and just so happy for him. It was a really sweet way for us to be able to say goodbye to Bowie.

Bowie is now enjoying a happy life with his mom, and the two of them are enjoying their new adventure together.

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