Sweet Dog Was Desperate For Help, So He Jumped In A Police Car And Waited To Be Adopted

Stray and abandoned dogs are a very common problem in the world today. Not only is it sad that so many of them have to endure that much, but the fact that few of them will get another chance at life.

More needs to be done to ensure that strays are all sheltered and away from the street, where they can at least have some hope that a loving family will adopt them in the future.

In this story, we will talk about one such dog who was abandoned and left on his own to survive in a harsh environment.

A Hopeful Dog Asks For Help

dog in car
Source: Polícia Militar Rodoviária

It was an ordinary day for the police officers who were driving on the road and taking care of some routine traffic issues.

When they received a more urgent call, they returned to their car, only to be surprised by what they saw.

There was a dog next to the vehicle just lying there and waiting. The poor pup must have spotted the car and realized it was his only chance of getting rescued, so he took it. 

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When he saw them return, he just jumped in the car and was happily expecting them to help him.

The police officers recognized that it was a remote area and the pup had no way of getting any help, so they took him back to the station.

A Brand New Start For The Dog

dog on the car seat
Source: Polícia Militar Rodoviária

The police officers pondered as to how the dog ended up in the middle of nowhere on the highway, and they came to the conclusion that he was likely abandoned by a cruel owner.

When he was finally brought to the station, the officers asked around to see if they could find a forever home for him.

Luckily, for the dog, now named Rex, they didn’t have to look much. Another officer at the station fell in love with the dog immediately and took him in his care.

military kid with man and little girl and a dog
Source: Polícia Militar Rodoviária

While it’s incredibly sad that Rex had to endure so much because of neglectful owners, it’s amazing to see that he got a chance for a new beginning, and that he enjoys spending time with his new human siblings.

If we can take away anything from this story, it’s that compassion for animals costs nothing and can do so much to help improve their lives. 

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