Sweet Pittie Abandoned By The Side Of The Road With Nothing But A Bag Of Food

Bluu was found on the side of the road in Kentucky by a Good Samaritan, who was devastated by the sight of the poor dog. 

This young Pittie girl was clearly there for days with nothing but a single bag of food, which was left with her. 

The sweet pup was stranded and alone for days, waiting either for her family to come back or someone to help her. Thanks to this good person, a local shelter was contacted, and Bluu was quickly saved from the streets. 

Stranded And Alone 

strandend dog on the side of the road with a bag of food
Source: @muddypawsrescuenyc

Bluu was rescued by a local animal shelter in Kentucky, where she had been found all alone and abandoned on the side of the road. 

She received the medical care she needed and was then ready to go into foster care, so the shelter contacted their partners in New York City – Muddy Paws Rescue

Muddy Paws Rescue has partnered with different animal shelters in the south in order to welcome more dogs in their care, and thus, allow those shelters more space to continue doing their awesome work. 

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“We don’t know what circumstances led to Bluu ending up there, but we’re so happy that she forgot all about her past when she made it to us at the end of April,” Muddy Paws Rescue wrote on their blog post. 

dog sitting on a grass field
Source: @muddypawsrescuenyc

Once she arrived in their care, she met her new foster dad – a first-time foster named David, who was smitten with her from the moment he saw her. 

“He was nervous, but we gave him everything he needed to be comfortable and give Bluu the best transition into the city. Together, Bluu and her foster learned how to care for each other,” the rescue wrote on their Facebook. 

He quickly fell in love with her and her gentle soul, and she quickly made herself right at home. This was exactly what she needed in order to forget everything that had happened to her in Kentucky.

dog sleeping on owner
Source: @muddypawsrescuenyc

Bluu learned how to navigate the stairs, how to cuddle, and finally, how to be a carefree puppy again – everything that was taken from her early puppyhood. 

“Bluu was the sweetest, gentlest most loving dog. Her huge human eyes speak to you and from the moment we met she was a dream!,” David told the rescue. 

Bluu didn’t let her past define her, and she blossomed into a beautiful pup with an amazing personality that everyone couldn’t but fall in love with. 

@muddypawsrescuenyc It’s hard to believe Bluu was found abandoned on the side of the road just a few weeks ago. This 6-month old girl has been nothing but trusting, playful, and sweet in foster care, & now it’s time to close out this hard chapter in her life and find her forever home! Tag someone who’s looking for a girl like Bluu 👇 #rescue #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #storytime ♬ Can’t Help Falling in Love – Haley Reinhart

Abandoned, But Not Defeated 

After some time in foster care, she was ready to find her forever home – one that would not abandon her in the middle of the street. 

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Once Bluu’s story was posted online, she caught the eyes of many admirers. One of them was even a famous actor, Justin Theroux, who already had a pup so similar to Bluu that she could be her twin. 

Justin was so mesmerized by Bluu that he even came to their adoption event (in the pouring rain!) just to meet this special girl. 

But, Bluu was actually destined for someone else. 

woman petting her dog
Source: Facebook

A woman named Nafitha, her son, and their dog, Oreo (also a Muddy Paws Rescue alumnus) came to the adoption event in Central Park, and, well… they all clicked immediately. 

She said that while looking for a sibling for Oreo, she saw Bluu’s picture on the MPR’s website, and she immediately knew she would be a great fit to their family. 

She was 100% right. 

Since being adopted, Bluu has become a true member of the family, fitting right in. “Bluu is a silly little girl but super sweet and protective. My son and her are practically attached at the hip. They always play and fight like siblings,” Nafitha said. 

little curly-haired boy hugging her dog
Source: Facebook

When it comes to her other furry sibling, they also seem to get along pretty well. 

“Bluu keeps Oreo on his toes and doesn’t give him rest sometimes! She’s very playful. She has a fascination with birds and tries to run after or fly with them until she jumps and realizes she doesn’t have wings,” said Nafitha. 

Even though she had a rough start, Bluu was able to overcome her fears and develop into a happy, playful, and loving pup.  

We couldn’t be happier for this sweet girl – she is a true inspiration to us all.

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