Terrified Pittie That Used To Live In An Abandoned Home Transforms Into A Happy Dog

When Donna, from Stray Rescue of St. Louis, came across a row of abandoned houses in the St. Louis area, she thought to herself how this would be the perfect hiding place for scared and abandoned dogs.

Deciding to investigate the houses a bit, Donna soon found a little Pittie in need of her help!

Rescue Mission

dog in nature on the snow
Source: The Dodo

At first, she thought it would be best if she set a trap and waited for the doggo to enter it on his own.

However, when Donna noticed that the little Pittie wasn’t coming out, she went to the back of the house, and what she saw shocked her a bit.

“There were actually footprints going up into the house. So she had to have gotten to the top of the steps and then pretty much jumped into the house,” said Donna.

Thinking it was a bit dangerous for them to jump across the broken-in stairs, Donna started to look for a safer way in.

They soon found out that they could get inside the house through the basement and start looking for the dog.  

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There was, like, a broken pipe, so pretty much assumed she wasn’t going to be hanging out down there.

Donna then went up the stairs trying to locate her, but when she climbed to the second floor and saw that there was no sign of the dog, she started losing hope.

However, as soon as she got to the third floor, she noticed a little head peeking out of the trash.  

dog peeking
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Donna slowly approached her, talking to her in a gentle voice and telling her that they were there to save her.

She let me get a leash on her. She was a little hesitant at first, I gave her a little tug and she started following me and we went down.

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Once they got out of the house, they made their way over to the car and the little Pittie was more than happy to get in.

On her way to the St. Louis rescue, this doggo just couldn’t keep in her excitement.

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She decided to shower Donna and her team in kisses, showing them just how much she appreciated what they were doing for her.

The aggressive pit bull mindset is just not true. They’re the sweetest, most loving dogs.

New Life

When they got to the shelter, the staff immediately searched the dog for a microchip.

After not finding one, they put up the sweet Pittie for adoption, knowing that a warm and loving home would do her some good.

dog in the car on the seat
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In no time, a family reached out, wanting this little doggo as a new member of their team.

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Being surrounded by so much love and adoration, this pup turned her frown upside down and is now the cutest and sweetest little girl ever.

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