Texas Woman Shocked To Discover A Fluffy Surprise In A Small Box

Picture yourself walking down the street in your hometown just minding your own business, and suddenly, you hear faint noises somewhere nearby. You find the source of the sound, and surprise, surprise it’s a box with 7 small puppies in it. 

This happened to a woman in San Antonio, Texas, as she was just walking past one of her local businesses and heard the noise that startled her so much she had to check it out. 

All she could see were small puppy eyes peeking through the hole in the box and begging for help.

The Most Unlikely Scenario

puppies peeking from a small box with garden hose on it
Source: Tattered Paws And Golden Hearts Rescue A Golden Retriever Rescue

She opened the box and realized that there were 7 puppies trapped inside. The puppies were apparently abandoned overnight and were struggling to breathe. 

There was a heavy water hose on top of the box, which was left there to keep the dogs from escaping. To help themselves breathe, the poor puppies tried to open the box with their snout just a little to try and get some fresh air.

seven puppies in small box
Source: Tattered Paws And Golden Hearts Rescue A Golden Retriever Rescue

Luckily for them, the woman who found them just happened to be a rescue volunteer and immediately decided to help the puppies get help and shelter

She contacted every dog shelter she could find in San Antonio, but unfortunately, for the puppies, no one could help them out. 

A post on Facebook states: Every single shelter and rescue was stretched too thin; no one could commit to feeding 7 more mouths. She was told the only option was to have them euthanized somewhere. 

The woman refused to have the puppies euthanized, and instead, continued looking for help.

Because she was running out of options, she contacted Tattered Paws And Golden Hearts Rescue (TPGHR). Even though they also were overburdened and probably couldn’t do much to help the puppies, she knew she had to try something.

The Hopeful Resolution

cute puppy in woman's hand
Source: Facebook
adorable puppy in woman's hand
Source: Facebook
sweet puppy in woman's hand
Source: Facebook

The puppies were shown to Nancy Rieley, the president of TPGHR, and she couldn’t help but feel bad about them. She said: It’s an awful feeling looking at seven little puppies and being the reason that they live or die

Fortunately, all turned out well, and Nancy decided they would help the small puppies rejuvenate and recover until they could find a permanent home for them. 

They established that the puppies are mixed breeds and are at least 4 to 5 weeks old. There are 2 girls and 5 boys. To ensure the dogs are well and healthy, TPGHR said the puppies will receive the medical attention they deserve.

The woman who found them is now taking care of them and fostering them through TPGHR. Even though they are still a long way away from finding their happy home, they are getting the help they so desperately needed. 

It is really sad to think about what could have happened to the poor puppies had the woman not been there to help them.

At the same time, it is incredibly comforting to know that organizations like Tattered Paws and Golden Hearts exist, and that after everything they’ve been through, the puppies are getting the chance to live a long and happy life. 

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