The Real Identity Of The Dalls Mystery Animal Found Next To A Dumpster Will Shock You

Earlier this year, officers from the Dallas Police Department found a very young animal huddled next to a dumpster on their regular patrol duty in southern Dallas, Texas.  

The animal was a caramel-colored puppy-lookalike, undoubtedly very cute, but the officers weren’t exactly sure what it was. 

This little baby looked an awful lot like a baby fox or even a coyote, but the officers simply couldn’t figure out its true identity. 

No matter what, the little baby desperately needed to be rescued, so the police officers kept it safe and warm until Dallas Animal Services came to pick it up. 

Puppy Or Coyote? 

dog with supervisor

The discovery of this “mystery animal” caused quite a stir in the media all over the country. Was it a puppy mutt or a coyote? And, what would happen to it? 

Although officials with Dallas Animal Services didn’t think the animal was actually a coyote, they couldn’t say for sure. 

The animal did indeed look similar to a coyote pup after all. 

Dallas Animal Services officer Jacqui Sutherland, its temporary foster parent, had her own suspicion. She told WFAA, “My money is on domestic. If I had money, it would be on domestic.”

With its tan coat and big ears, the possibility of being either of both species was very high, though.  

ready dog for dna test

So, they decided that the only reasonable thing was to do a DNA test and find the truth once and for all. 

While they awaited the test results, they decided to give a name to this “mystery animal” that attracted a lot of attention. 

So, meet Toast – the cutest mystery in Texas. 

Drum Roll, Please

little dog in cage

Finally, after almost two weeks of waiting, Embark Vet came out with the big reveal.

“Toast is a DOG! 🐶 As we suspected, she turned out to be a beautiful little mutt,” Dallas Animal Services announced in their Facebook post. 

Her DNA results showed she is:

42% German Shepherd

38% Siberian Husky

20% Australian Cattle Dog

dna test of dog

Toast had the Internet stumped for weeks, debating whether she was a puppy or a coyote, and now the truth is finally revealed. 

She is a beautiful little puppy, saved from a life which consisted of eating out of a dumpster. 

With Toast’s breed reveal finalized, the only thing left to do was find her a furever home. It took only five minutes for her to receive the maximum amount of applications, so she was quickly adopted. 

“Toast has found a home, but the Dallas area is overwhelmed with dogs and many large-breed dogs and moms with pups are looking for fosters and forever homes,” Embark Vet wrote in their Facebook post. 

dog on leash
Source: Dallas

We couldn’t be happier that Toast’s journey ended happily ever after, but our wish for other abandoned dogs and strays to find their happily ever after still remains. 

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